Star surrounding products consumer psychology behind the fans economy

Star surrounding products consumer psychology behind the fans economy

star endorsement of the product will undoubtedly be fans, especially now in Japan and South Korea star, like what EXO, professor in the limelight star, the number of fans very much, but mostly young women. This type of fan’s desire for consumption will be greater, there is usually a variety of idol group, and a bunch of idol fans pay. What idol for birthday, in normal view this behavior is idiotic, but this kind of fans’ loyalty is very high. Related products and around their idols in general sales are very high, the number of millions, tens of millions of fans, enough to form a huge consumer market.

fan is almost every 80 90 have experienced, but the vast majority of young people love a star are more rational. Really like Yang Lijuan are in the minority, but now the zhuixingyizu idol consumption has become a very common thing. Look at the concert, buy star posters, as well as a lot of celebrity endorsement of the product, this consumption has been very common. If minors blindly chasing, you can also understand, after all, the students do not have access to the society. While the adults who are already parents also Starchaser, and the idol of blind consumption, which can be called the idiotic powder.

fans will not only buy a variety of star endorsement of the product, will be too concerned about the star’s news, and even personal gossip, daily habits, etc.. In a word, all the information about your idol, what’s the use of the cup in the play, what coat to wear, as well as what bag back. There are many online and in Taobao star with a product, the two movie fans are also popular, from Guo Jingming’s "time" series, and then to Han Han’s "never ever meet again", the box office is very good, no matter how the film art level and support their idols should seem to be.

follow the trend of consumer psychology exists in the same fans, a star fans often in the group gossip and star related news, including celebrity endorsements products. Once someone has bought a product of idol endorsement, there will be a lot of fans interested, of course, will also consider buying. It was a very ordinary cup, if all of them are used in the drama with the same paragraph, then the professor’s fans began not calm. Fans of this consumer psychology has also been used by many businesses.

fans in the field of Arts and crafts to be more loyal than ordinary fans, such as: millet fans can not compare football fans, like a star is also true. Tend to like and concern about the dynamics of the idol, so companies need to please star endorsement, in order to expand the impact of celebrity effect is more obvious.

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