Do a good job in the operation of the budget to identify the channel App entry 8 issues

Do a good job in the operation of the budget to identify the channel App entry 8 issues


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most of the App start-up company’s operating position is to promote the channel, that is, with the Android market, 360 mobile assistant, such as the channel to do the relationship between the 91 assistants or advertising. Because App’s user growth is mainly derived from this, if you do a good job with these channels, such as the first to get a free recommendation, will be able to enhance the quality of the user. So, more companies to do the main work is to do the budget, and then find channels.

in the company, I deal with Qinliqinwei channels with half a dozen. I was sort of a table, each channel is divided into three grades, are high, medium and low grades. One of the high level of the channel, including Google play, pea pods, millet app store, Android market, 360 mobile assistant, Tencent application treasure, 91 mobile assistant, Baidu, etc.. Medium including mobile MM, HUAWEI Newell cloud, Android Market, market access, application exchange, N, mumayi market, China Unicom fertile store, telecom Tianyi store, Lenovo music store etc.. Low level is that the user has little amount of channels such as cross cat.

is the focus of the maintenance of high-level channels of the object, the frequency is concerned with the daily. The number of users of these channels is relatively large, so the need to observe the growth of the user channel every day, look at the location of the changes, these high-end channels are also the main choice of the new version of the product launch. According to my experience, pea pods and 360 mobile assistant, as well as Tencent application treasure and Baidu these channels are the best results of the first. Followed by millet, Android market.

is the main object for the maintenance of grade channels, without daily attention, can pay attention to what their activities, do a good job relationship with the channel buddy, get some free recommendation, may be able to bring some amount of. But not to cannot but, don’t do the first cooperation with them, the effect is not ideal, I remember one time with Tianyi stores cooperation starting, a day to less than one hundred of the amount, almost cried.

for low grade channels basically keep updated on the line, basically do not spend energy on the above. Because no matter how hard you try, it can not give you the user. Because it is useless users.

now has the amount of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the channel will then ten home. But these channels are basically follow the money. For some companies, you will find the nouveau riche, awesome channel picked up sleeves throwing money, and for some grass root startups, App operation for users to free volume is more difficult than ever.

below and then talk about some of the specific rules of App operation.

1, about starting:

pea pods, 360 mobile assistant, millet and other applications can apply for a free start every month. First contact is their operator. Specific talk

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