Hunan full of loans to be deleted more than and 40 loan targets unknown

Hunan full of loans to be deleted more than and 40 loan targets unknown

P2P net loan investment is most afraid of what is encountered?.

in order to deceive investors, fake items in the description are often vague, deliberately hide the borrower data, not public related loan contracts, mortgage and other documents. Part of the platform in order to cover up the truth of false targets, and even at the same time the use of fake ID forged borrowers, fabricated a variety of reasons for borrowing malicious malicious investors.

recently, P2P broke the news release platform full loan borrowing in the borrower is not informed, and encountered complaints after the money disappear without a trace, delete all the standard loan ", it attracted the attention of investors.

full loan in the borrower unknowingly issued credit guarantees, funds obtained not issued to the borrower, how to deal with the full loan investors questioned? Full loan funds unaccounted for, how to ensure the safety of investor funds? For borrowing standard error is explained, if true, delete the subject to delete standard? Events lead investors to question the ability of risk control with the loan platform, how to do risk control of


investor news reporter on this series of questions to the full loan general manager Gong Weiming interview outline, and contact the phone but no one answered. As of press time reporter, full loan also failed to give a reasonable explanation.

full of credit is what kind of platform

September 1st, investors in the net Loan Home Forum broke the news, local platform — full loan release loan in the borrower without the knowledge, money and suffering after complaints disappear without a trace, delete all the standard loan ", false target suspects.

can find the public information from the point of view, full of credit seems to be positive energy".

, according to the survey, full of the full name of Hunan full network technology Co., ltd.. On its website, you can see the full loan "to establish a safe, efficient, honest, mutual assistance network lending platform P2P for the purpose of providing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also provide value-added financial platform for idle funds".

, according to its official website, the cumulative income earned 58 million yuan full credit for users, nearly 35000 investors into full loan, and the loan has been full of Sanxiang, Hunan satellite TV and Hunan channel news reports.

November 25, 2014, full loan (referred to as: full equity loan, stock code: 202541) in Shanghai hosted equity trading center hall listed SME equity quotation system landing in Shanghai hosted equity trading center (Q).

August 17th, full of loans and CITIC Bank Hunan branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which became the guidance after the introduction of the first bank of Hunan signed a net loan fund depository platform. According to the strategic agreement between the two sides, full of loans and CITIC Bank will cooperate in the payment of funds, payment and clearing services.

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