JUJUMAO owners were arrested in Zhaoqing 7 06 network copyright infringement case cracked

JUJUMAO owners were arrested in Zhaoqing 7 06 network copyright infringement case cracked

The unified guidance of the provincial public security department, the Ministry of public security,

, the Zhaoqing Municipal Public Security Bureau "7· 06" copyright infringement case has been mature, on the same day to take joint assault action to close the net, the suspect Wang Zhijian, Liang Yunzhao, Tang Yanling, Wang Hailin, et al to pass note number arrested, and seized the relevant documents. The seizure of property involved, to freeze the account.

in the arrest process, reporters accompanying the police arrived in Zhaoqing Tianning Road No. 75 strong network science and technology limited company, with the call machine came out of order, the police quickly rushed into the company located on the 19 floor, the suspect Liang Yun Zhao, Tang Yanling arrested, and identified a variety of evidence. In the computer room, the reporter saw more than five servers in the work, mainly to provide pirated software download.

it is understood that in June 29th, the provincial public security department issued on the Zhaoqing Wang Zhijian on the Internet version of Microsoft Windows software profit clues, Zhaoqing City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment according to the requirements of ministries and agencies, in July 26th for alleged copyright infringement crime suspect Wang Zhijian conduct investigation, rapid joint supervisor detachment to carry out investigation work, Wang Zhijian crime gradually surfaced:

In the

case, the enterprise is Zhaoqing Xeon network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Xeon company"), which Wang Zhijian shareholders 10% shares, including the operation of computer network design, installation, maintenance, it provides some server software system under load for the cracked version of the website "pig cat", and daily management on the remote server.

, Wang Zhijian as the Xeon company responsible person, the "cat pig" webmaster; Liang Yunzhao Xeon company executives, with "cat pig" website and forum management login account, is the site management personnel, responsible for the release of all versions of the software in the "cat pig" on the website to download the seed; Tang Yanling Xeon company employees, since the 2008 has been responsible for the promotion of "cat pig" website; Wang Hailin Windows CD producer, responsible for providing technical support for the "cat pig" on the website; through pirated software maker Windows.

Wang Zhiqiang by the company management and Xeon server on the registration website required pig cat website. Among them, www.jujumao.cn (registration date: March 13, 2005), www.xpwin7.com (registration date: March 25, 2009), www.xpwin7.cn (registration date: March 24, 2009), www.win7xp.com (registration date: March 28, 2009) four. Pointing to the same server (IP:, belongs to Zhaoqing City Huang Tang Lu IDC telecommunications room, registered users, Wang Zhijian) "JUJU cat broadband treasure network home. The site for the software system forum to provide a variety of software download. Page >

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