Daily topic the United States mission was financing 700 million listed in the end how far

Daily topic the United States mission was financing 700 million listed in the end how far

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 23rd news, recently on the U.S. group financing news, yesterday there was news that U.S. mission to get a new $700 million round of financing, lead investor Sequoia Capital, the valuation of up to $5 billion. The media have confirmed this when the U.S. group and Sequoia Capital are denied, also make the news more whirling beauty group financing.

U.S. mission network on March 2010 on the line, when Sequoia Capital A round of $12 million investment, access to the Alibaba and Sequoia Capital B round of $50 million investment in July 2011. In May this year, there is news that the U.S. group received $300 million C round of financing, lead investor institutions for the pan the Atlantic capital, B round investors Sequoia Capital and Alibaba with investment, the U.S. group C round of financing valued at around $3 billion.

it is reported that, although the United States Department of the recent rumors of constant financing in the industry, but this round of high financing does not involve the listing, but its long-term development of capital reserves. Prior to market rumors next year listed on the news was denied, according to the relevant staff said, will not consider listing before the U.S. mission in 2017.

to buy the industry from the development of the United States mission, this time to the listing, but the takeaway and other O2O business wars need more adequate funding to save the competitive strength. Group purchase business and O2O business will require substantial capital investment, especially does not have a complete business model of O2O, basically in the long-term "burn wars". Therefore, with a strong capital to do a long time to fight the war of ammunition is to obtain market protection. In addition, the United States Mission in the new business and access to new users and other aspects of financial support is indispensable.

beauty group in terms of loss of attitude listed, apparently unable to move the capital market, especially in the case of Groupon, even the concept of beauty group dividend period does not exist. Although the potential market for more Chinese group purchase group purchase business, but lack the ability to make money is the bane, even beauty itself are attempts to create a vertical business transformation. However, from the market performance, the transition resistance is not small, it also casts a shadow over the prospects of the u.s..

last year, the last few days, the U.S. mission network announced the realization of profitability, the industry’s first to achieve the annual micro profit buy site. Earlier this year, the U.S. group CEO Wang Xingceng said that the U.S. group will reach 40 billion yuan turnover of $2014, revenue reached $1 billion 900 million, an increase of more than 200%. At present, the group purchase website has been delineated, ranked in the forefront of the United States and dianping.com all express "no hurry listed" point of view, but the rivalry is also secretly underway.

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