People’s Forum how to stop porn sites comeback

People’s Forum how to stop porn sites comeback

some years ago, a scholar to remind people: "the Internet provides the maximum freedom of speech; but also to racist pedophile pornography, and dream of the molecular communication channels." Now it seems that this prophecy has foresight.

recently, the "Oriental Star Club" and "midnight cinema" and other 62 pornographic illegal sites have been punished according to the law closed. This is not the first time pornographic websites have been investigated, and I believe it will not be the last time. From the back to back, from the inside spread to use outside the server, network pornography "and the" struggle will continue.

pornographic information will affect the healthy growth of young people, and even lead to sexual crimes, which has been recognized by the world. The Internet get in by every opening mode of transmission, let pornography found "new fertile ground". In reality, it is not difficult to see such a scene: the children watching cartoons on the Internet, a little mouse move, is likely to click to download the adult film; questions students from the Internet, may suddenly emerge a few pornographic pictures. Save the innocent and curious children, keep them away from the "drug", become a future proposition; tightening supervision of Internet pornography information dissemination especially children pornography, become an important policy in many countries.

as the saying goes, no profit can not afford to rise early. Pornography, porn sites, pornographic chat rooms and pornography on the phone behind the invasion, is a huge commercial interests. Sex is always the best selling point, as a magic weapon to increase the click through rate, as a tool to seek illegal interests, which is not only pure porn website patent. In the "lucrative" drive, some portals also tend to Internet pornography green light directly involved in order to take advantage of the feast, and a slice of the pie. The reason is lack of business ethics problems, has the advantage of the system.

remediation network pornography premise is the definition of pornography. Once there was a famous saying, "your eyes of pornography, may be the eyes of others erotic." Those under the banner of "body art" marking those full of provocative pictures, with a hint of "soft porn", the stately appearance on the network, it is the use of "fuzzy zone pornography" definition. In this regard, it should be seen to "pornographic" social historical understanding, development and regional; but it must be hold responsible for the attitude of social reality, according to local conditions, formulate uniform standard operational. So, not only can prevent some websites play the "edge ball" can increase the credibility of law enforcement.

Internet pornography has become the "stubborn", in addition to the "human weaknesses" and other factors, also with the "law enforcement", "the interests of the chain are closely related. At present, the relevant laws, especially the criminal law has a corresponding punishment for network pornography. Some pornographic web site operators are, rush into danger die hard, often out of luck, one is hoping to become the two is not a fish escaped through the Seine, "shot for a place". Visible, to really >

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