Community worry was 20 million A round of financing

Community worry was 20 million A round of financing

[Abstract] community life service providers, "worry free" announced the completion of the A round of $20 million financing, which is 18 months after the establishment of community worry free seed and angel investment, the third access to financing.


technology news (Xiang Xin) October 13th, the life of the community service business community worry "announced the completion of $20 million A round of financing, this is no small concern since the establishment of 18 months following the seed and angel investment, third times to obtain financing. However, the financing did not disclose the investment side.

cell worry founder Tang Hao said that further refinement of this round of funding will be mainly invested in distribution team size and ability to enhance the service life of the community service, the "craft" groups support, and community service platform of the mobile terminal promotion etc.. Allegedly, the company is currently over the size of the team, pushing nearly a thousand people.

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cell worry the disclosure of official figures show that the super 100 delivery area outer ring in Shanghai, hundreds of people covered about 5000 residential delivery. In the country, cell worry has opened 56 City, 280 thousand radiation area, provide marketing services for nearly 1 million service merchants and craftsmen, service life needs, over a million single day, nearly a year for the community connections and provides services to more than 2 million times.

cell worry founder Tang Hao Department of the former Alibaba early market leader, community worry core team from Alibaba, Google, handles and other technology companies.

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