Google AdSense phone to confirm the latest trends

Google AdSense phone to confirm the latest trends

was surprised to receive a letter from GG today, I do not know, a look really scared, please see:


we note that your AdSense revenue recently reached $10. So after logging in to your account, click " my account " -> "payment history", you will see a request operation "please confirm your phone number". Please follow the instructions to start payment for your account.

you have six months to enter the verification code from the day your income reaches $10. If you do not enter the validation code within 4 months, we will start to show the public service ads (PSA) on your website. If you have not entered the validation code within 6 months, your account will be disabled, and any unpaid revenue on your account will be returned to the appropriate advertiser. You can learn more about our phone number confirmation process by

for additional information about payment, please visit If you need a video presentation of this information, it is recommended that you watch our payment presentation (currently only in English), address:

Google AdSense from


I’m thinking about what GG calls to confirm the threshold of only $10, not all of the $50 before? Is there a new trend in the GG alliance?

we all look forward to it (unfortunately, my website ( no money, only a mere $10, Khan!!!)

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