Daily topics immediate and so on the termination of cooperation is combined with Pangu

Daily topics immediate and so on the termination of cooperation is combined with Pangu

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 8th news, and so the network engineer has been withdrawn from the immediate search, so the network is no longer using the immediate search server. Instant search and cooperation with such networks basically stalled.

in people.com.cn (603000) deputy editor in chief Zhang Shanju airborne as deputy general manager in daily work, deputy general manager Wang Jiang took over the chief scientist Liu Jun is responsible for the research and development work, and so on instantly search network cooperation almost to a standstill. Plus before Sogou sale rumors, at the same time there have been rumors that Pangu search and instantly search will be merged after the merger panguso CEO Wang Hongyu may move back, instantly search the general manager Deng Ya Ping will no longer serve as the new company CEO, but airborne. The new company will not just the two media holdings, other state-run news agencies may also be held.

and panguso Wang Hongyu CEO told the Tencent said his early look bad and instantly search cloud cloud cooperation. The reason is that the immediate search is a technology outsourcing mode, which is difficult for the Internet Co itself, not to mention the search company is a technology to eat the company. Search companies do not grasp the core technology, to expand the market, it is equivalent to the neck pinched by others, not far away.

in this regard, Liu Jun said in an interview with Tencent science and technology, and so on, the network has not been formally terminated with the search immediately, the two sides have some cooperation. However, compared to the past, the number of times to search their own has been reduced. So network official said, so with the immediate search process is very happy, all the source code is open to the public, there is no immediate grasp of the core technology of search problems".

believe in what to do now, and it seems to be coming soon.

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