Designed for the Dragon Boat Festival

Designed for the Dragon Boat Festival

The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival:

the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the Dragon Boat Festival, also called duanyangjie, afternoon day festival, May Festival, AI Festival, end five, afternoon, afternoon, the summer festival. Although the name is different, but people around the festival customs are the same. The Dragon Boat Festival is an old custom in China for over two thousand years, every day, every family is like hanging Zhong Kui, calamus, dragon boat races, eating zongzi, drinking realgar Yellow Wine, travel sickness, Sachet, prepared sweet wine offerings.

the first meaning of Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan, Ping, Chu is one of the Warring States, Chu Wei was born in the five year of King Xia Lizheng was born in seven at the beginning of the month, or that the Chu king Xuan died in twenty-seven years, Chuxiang Wang nine years.

Dragon Boat Festival, the second is the meaning of Wu Zixu deathday. Wu Zixu, Chu, father and brother were killed by the king, later to help Wu Guo, Xu qiantouming, Wu Fachu, five and in Chu Ying city. When Chuping Wang Zixu is dead, the grave three hundred corpse, to kill his revenge. The king of Wu Ke Lu after the death of his son Fu King, Wu Jun morale, victorious, defeated Yue, Yue and Xu Fu please. The proposal should eliminate Fu Yue, listen, Wu Daizai, by the country of bribery, calumny framed Zixu, Fu letter, give Zixu sword, Zixu this dead. Xu Ben is loyal, unafraid of death, in the death of the neighborhood said: " when I die, will I dug hanging in the eyes of Wu Jing east gate, to see more troops into the city to destroy wu. " he committed suicide, Fucha smell speech great anger, to take the body of the pack in the leather in May 5th into the river, so that the Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the day.

third is the meaning of the Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate the Han filial daughter Cao’e River to die rather than. Cao E is the Eastern Han Dynasty in Shangyu, his father drowned in the river, a few days without a corpse, when we Cao E was only fourteen years old, day and night along the river. After seventeen days, also a river in the May 5th, five days after carrying out the dead father. This came as a myth and legend, to the county magistrate, make degrees are still made, let his disciple Handan Chun Lei terms for praise. The daughters of the tomb of Cao Ezhi, in Zhejiang Shaoxing, then Caoe tablet for Jin. Later to commemorate Cao E’s filial piety, in the Cao E River in the construction of the temple of Cao E, she lived in villages and renamed the town of Cao E, Cao E’s father died in named Cao E river.

Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the modern revolutionary poet Qiu Jin. She was martyred in June 5th, people admire his brave deeds, their sorrow is complex, and the poet festival held to commemorate the merger, but also because the poet festival to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan and the Dragon Boat festival. I Ching Jingxiong, No. Jianhu woman, small jade Gu, Zhejiang Shaoxing people, young good poems, songs, Fu, and horse fencing, with Mulan, Qin Liangyu was called. To participate in the revolution, great influence, at the age of 28 at the meeting for the premeditated uprising, were captured, unyielding, on June 5th Guangxu thirty-three years in Shaoxing Xuan hang mouth heroic martyrdom.

Zhong Kui hanging like: Zhong Kui Buffy, is the Dragon Boat festival. In Jianghuai area, and everyone is like hanging Zhong Kui with:

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