How to do a good site design Banner to make the background of the noisy background obvious

How to do a good site design Banner to make the background of the noisy background obvious

first, I should continue to do web design? (Yi Xuan)

now I graduated a year, majored in software engineering, it is not love this profession, so there was no choice of the professional work, but I would love to do the design, love beautiful pictures, practice time to begin doing web design, do three months, is a very general design, website div+css also learned in school, and later by a friend to a yacht company do graphic design, it is done for 8 months, the design level of doing something within the enterprise is very general. I’m ready to quit, I do not think there is any direction, very confused, don’t know where to find what kind of work, I design level is not high, like training or other, usually work very busy, no time to learn what, so now the occupation plan directly off. I want you to give me a way, I continue to do web design, or direct switch, need further study


: I can’t answer that you did it in the end, because of the actual situation of individuals only know, you are not that words can say, but I think if you really love web design, don’t lose it, no matter whether you engage in design and related work, whether to rely on it to eat, even if engaged in design and completely not bound, can also put the web design as a hobby persist, some people love this hobby like playing basketball, playing games, doing outdoor activities, not what difference. Why insist? There is a saying words rough "money to buy God happy!", we have a rare interest in what the life will be more fun, since love, will spare some time to get a get on, among other things, their happiness is not a lot of good? People will say that work is too busy, I think this can not be a reason for a reason, only one word: lazy. I analyze your current confusion and entanglement is mainly designed for a long time without raising the. To solve this problem is to squeeze out their own time to strengthen the usual learning, two, if the conditions permit, so that their electricity charge to start working again, nothing can not, the specific situation of their own ideas. I can only give you these suggestions, can have little use for you, it would be better.

two, how to make noise on the copy out? (Scarecrow)

if an advertising map, is the original background of flowers, which has several ways to bring advertising word makes him more conspicuous? Such as the following such a picture, almost only the upper right corner there is a certain position to discharge the text but the overall color is warm, shoes itself is not prominent the position of the text, but also can discharge is small, sensory processing background or to copy with the background color is not a good deal. Content: the first layer of leather 99 yuan, the new


answer: how to make a noisy background

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