National Copyright Administration informed the initiative to monitor the video site such as you see

National Copyright Administration informed the initiative to monitor the video site such as you see

network in Beijing December 30th news (reporter Fei Lei) National Copyright Administration, the General Administration of press and publication of the two departments held today’s video site copyright supervision meeting. Copyright management division of the State Copyright Bureau at CI Ke read out on the video site supervision informed about the situation, the full text is as follows:

video site on the active supervision of the relevant information

first, the video site to implement the work of the deployment and Copyright Bureau verification

Since the

meeting in January 28, 2011, especially since the announcement in April 25th, most websites have been able to take action to respond to the deployment of the national copyright administration. Active supervision working group conducted a verification of the website submitted materials, verification of the content is comprehensive, including whether the website reported material to meet the requirements of the check in time and quantity, but also on the website reported the authorization documents related content verification, and the authorization documents on the right if there is a problem. Check.

(18) the implementation of the deployment of the site and verification of the overall situation.

from the time requirements, 18 video sites, can be completely in accordance with the time node requirements of the national copyright administration, within the time stipulated in the relevant material submitted website, PPS net, Pippi net, uusee and VERYCD network; according to the requirements, report to the relevant material not within the prescribed time the website, thunder network and Baidu network.

The number of

from the requirements on January 28th, meeting the requirements submitted 18 websites and 572 television drama authorization documents, 18 websites actually submitted to the 412 television drama authorization documents, submit authorization documents accounted for 72% of the total TV drama; 160 television drama did not submit authorization documents, accounting for 28% of the total number of requests submitted. April 25th notification requirements list and authorization submitted 18 websites of 1800 video documents, 18 websites submitted 1581 actual television drama list, accounting for film and television drama list required by 87.8%; actual submitted 1206 television drama authorization documents, accounting for film and television drama authorized documents required by 67% of the total. From the number of requirements, there is no one fully meet the requirements, but relatively speaking, the number of Sohu and Youku submitted a good number, the thunder did not report any list of film and television drama and authorization documents.

submit the authorization documents from the content point of view, 160 is not in accordance with the January 28th meeting the requirements of authorization documents submitted to the film and television drama, the website called "unauthorized but deleted" is 61, "the website fails to submit the authorization documents but also did not say whether to delete" for the 82, the website called "signing contract the 16 part, the website called" unused works "is 1. In accordance with one of the requirements of the notice of April 25th, that is, before April 29th to submit 100 film and television drama list and authorization documents, the actual submission of the 18 sites in the film and television drama authorization documents, >

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