Vertical brand electricity supplier is now collective selling tide the economic downturn of the capi

Vertical brand electricity supplier is now collective selling tide the economic downturn of the capi

with the end of 2012 approaching, the domestic vertical electricity supplier began to enter the selling tide. In recent days, the domestic men’s electricity supplier brand Martha Marceau, first, domestic tea vertical electric buy tea, have came to seek news of the sale. In this regard, the first moment CEO Xu Xiaohui forthrightly, he said, purely financial financing is not enough to support the next business breakthrough, seeking strategic investment or being wholly acquired for the antidote.

in fact, the domestic electricity supplier in winter as early as this year has come. Some of the large amount of vertical electric providers, such as BELLE’s business, investment and purchase of Tencent footwear business good music to buy, are to adjust the strategy, take a more conservative view on the market in the second half, the staff efficiency and efficiency of goods in an important position in the assessment.

vertical electricity supplier brand how can it stand over 2013?


why sell?

vertical brand electricity supplier collective sudden death may come from three aspects.

Tencent is a business analyst Li Chengdong believes that the external economic impact of a sudden turn for the worse, vertical business financing environment; two, the vertical torsion is too slow, some entrepreneurs is still luck, rapid change in the market strategy, its supply chain rhythm destroyed; three, Jingdong, Suning, Tmall and other major electricity supplier platform user channel competition, increase the purchasing cost of independent vertical flow, can only depend on other platforms. Good music to buy, Mcglaughlin October traffic fell 40.7% and 35.4%, respectively.

an electricity supplier investors on the first financial daily said, not the capital of the vertical brand electricity supplier is no longer optimistic, but in the economic downturn, the capital of the vertical brand electricity supplier has become more critical. Some of the better flow of electricity supplier projects, due to the high valuation of private equity last year compared to the current, investors did not dare to take the risk of no access to the disk, bleeding financing, and then continue with the vote.

or out of this understanding, insiders told reporters, Tencent has said it is no longer good music to buy with the vote, which also makes the first ranking of the domestic footwear electricity supplier into financing embarrassment. But good music to buy competitors Le Tao, are unwilling to continue with the cast of the Tiger Fund under the condition of downsizing, the total number of employees has been reduced from 400 last year to more than 40 people, the company has turned to the Amoy brand strategic direction.

excellent shopping network vice president Xu Lei told reporters that the financing also makes vertical business into a vicious spiral: when the capital there is a problem, the first step is to stop advertising, caused by the sharp drop in orders, not to get new users and old users, and can not support the small and medium business scale; second step cut, this also means that in order to help digestion employees dropped, resulting in service can not keep up, old users also lost.

where is the way out?

vertical electricity supplier how to break the board, Xu Lei believes that when the financing is difficult, the vertical electricity supplier should first consider only the core service users, so that the amount of orders

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