Questioned why not well known vip com electricity supplier was replicated

Questioned why not well known vip com electricity supplier was replicated

recently, the U.S. capital markets began to attack the Chinese stock.

according to financial blog SeekingAlpha reported that investment institutions Greenwich Research Group (hereinafter referred to as GWRG) released a research report, accused of alleged financial fraud Affected by the news, shares fell 13% on Tuesday.

report noted that’s popularity in China is not high, many users do not even know there is this site, it is difficult to attract users to trade on its platform.


GWRG questioned on with listed is almost as like as two peas: "the last three months, we aimed at’s business model and financial data is analyzed. At last, alleged in terms of the number of users, the average consumer and the ratio of profit to mislead investors, announced its released earnings data and third party data is very different." The analyst also said: " IPO was originally $10.50 issue price, but the price has not been approved for IPO Wall Street, drive smoothly, was forced to issue price down to $6.50, issue size is reduced to 11 million 200 thousand shares. This means that only 12 months ago, is also difficult to attract the interests of investors. But in the beginning of September 2012, happened to turn the world upside down to change this form, shares have soared, from IPO has risen 523%. Currently, the market value of (Price/Book Value) was 11 times, while the expected price earnings ratio in 2013 was 78 times."

then gave a reply, saying that foreign institutions in the comments and claims contained a lot of errors and no facts to support the speculation, but also on’s business model, the overall misunderstanding.

in terms of user data, said, Alexa browser to track the Internet based on the use of plug-in data flow, but many Chinese Internet users do not have a Alexa plug in the computer. Therefore, Alexa user traffic data is not able to reflect the real user traffic

may not be aware of GWRG, is not as good as they say in China’s popularity is not high, China ranked the forefront of the electricity supplier sites are almost trying to follow’s share of a cup of soup.

electricity supplier model student

is the pursuit of the pace of listed companies, financing billions of dollars, there are China predators the highest market value of the electricity supplier companies also has its own brand, can be said that as long as doing business 2C business are all jealous of’s earnings.

What is the essence of

electronic commerce and the electronic commerce. What is the nature of retail selling goods to the most reasonable price, the best user experience, and the fastest speed?

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