Female college students photo site claims 100 thousand

Female college students photo site claims 100 thousand

, a Chongqing girl studying in Beijing, suddenly found her 7 photos, a website in Beijing in the form of print ads rolling broadcast. The girl who did not advertise to the website realized that the right of the portrait had been violated, and that the girl would save the website page and print it in the Chaoyang District notary office. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the girl’s family in Chongqing, they are ready to sue the site, and claims 100 thousand yuan.

a year ago to help clothing factory advertising

yesterday, the reporter on the phone is also a major in Communication University of China animation freshman freshman Chongqing girl Chen Fuyuan. Talking about their photos stolen with the matter, the girl angry. "I recognized the source of the picture at a glance." Chen Fuyuan recalled, because she was tall, a year ago by a local Beijing garment factory fancy, help the clothing factory to shoot a group of fashion photos, and printed for the factory internal publicity pictures. At that time, I was shooting with a few other models, we get 1000 yuan shooting fee, publicity album was printed out." Chen Fuyuan said that since then, she did not have any contact with the garment factory.

7 photos highlighting the web page

August 17th, Chen Fuyuan suddenly received a shot to help the staff album clothing factory call, her picture appeared on a Beijing website, and in the form of print ads rolling broadcast, Chen Fuyuan knew that his image was stolen.

reporter saw on the website, relates to a photo of Chen Fuyuan a total of 7 pieces, two big picture was posted on the advertising language, the top placed on the home page, the other 5 photos are kept rolling.

subsequently, the reporter contacted Chen Fuyuan in Nanping family, Chen Fuyuan’s father said, her daughter’s photograph is likely to flow from the shooting album photographer or garment factory.

alone forensics and notarization in Beijing

the day before yesterday, with the camera to take the site of "Chen Fuyuan, the page will print out. Subsequently, Chen Fuyuan will be taken to the notary office of Beijing, Chaoyang District notary. Yesterday, Chen Fuyuan’s father said that their family has been prepared through legal means to prosecute the site, and claims 100 thousand yuan.

this century pants industry rookie supermarket staff said, the company website is entrusted to another network company, for stealing a portrait, they did not know, but they have to inform the network company, to immediately withdraw. Reporter Wang Jue

lawyer said the site has been infringing

Lawyer Zhang Haichuan

in Yan lawyer told reporters that the site without the consent of the parties and the parties agree, unaware of the situation, the theft of their photos and for commercial publicity, has been on the portrait of female students constitute infringement. In accordance with the general principles of civil law, the protection of the right to portrait of citizens, female college students can claim to the site. At the same time, Zhang Haichuan lawyers said that the most intelligent way for female college students is to send evidence to the notary office notarized. Zhang lawyer Xie

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