The plight of eight problems P2P detailed model of government support is not necessarily a good thin

The plight of eight problems P2P detailed model of government support is not necessarily a good thin



speech finishing up too hard, put a few key point out, in fact, last year I wrote about "Lu Jin", "the letter", "talk about the survival of P2P logic", and the beginning of the year "article on the Internet financial situation and the trend of" feeling, have P2P the problem is that all, just do a rough list.

first, China in addition to pat loan, no P2P.

in addition to pat the loan, (a lot of people have said a pat on the loan principal protection, in fact, carefully observe the pat loans, their principal guarantee is very different with the other, and the current collapse) does not collapse is essentially the same as what is said, the collapse of a fake P2P, do not collapse is really a typical P2P. The results of P2P from their definition, do not belong to the P2P, a global point of view, the essence of P2P is only one, is the pure information matching platform, all the so-called P2P mode provides the principal guarantee, is a fake P2P, is the essence of financial institutions. Approved the Internet coat, and no license financial institutions.

real P2P, is to help the rich out of the borrower, help is the core. And our country P2P to do is to borrow money to investors, and then lend money to people. The former risk free, pure match match, the latter to do the case of matching and matching risk. This difference determines China’s P2P is a financial institution, he is in fact the risk of interest income.

second, P2P has the rationality of survival, reflecting the financial repression under the financial control.

P2P of China is playing the role of promoting financial reform, he is actually behind the financial repression under the inevitable demand, there is a demand of the people do not have access to the service, the supply of funds going nowhere, both cross under the act, therefore, in the overall financial system reform under the condition of your pressure P2P also dropped, there must be other mode, so P2P has the rational logic of survival, no need to deny.

I said China P2P is false P2P, and do not want to say P2P is not good, I just give our P2P to restore his original appearance to define his identity, his attributes, and then discuss the foundation of P2P, the qualitative basically wiped out, the possibility of P2P in China to go abroad P2P development path, what LENDINGCLUB, PROSPER or P2P, are we never mind, because the great differences between Chinese and foreign. People are platforms, we are financial institutions. The definition of financial institutions, must be included in the regulation, because of the nature of financial institutions is a lever, take people’s money to lend, he is ultimately responsible for a large number of investors, and therefore generally all financial institutions in the world are facing strong regulation, requires a certain threshold at the same time, also called the core capital constraints, to ensure that the public interest is not affected by the loss. P2P the current full

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