See the network media hype from chaos into the door

See the network media hype from chaos into the door

we all know that once upon a time, the so-called door event on the network more and more, and even intensified. From once to pornographic incident, Shoushou chicken is now the most popular event to the door into the door, it can be said that the network media play an important role in the event of speculation, then who is the initiator of evil? The author here without comment is wrong, do not discuss the event speculation whether there is intention, only in the fall the Watergate Case Analysis Platform in several media or event hype in the process of the "credit" from the perspective of stationmaster:

1, QQ pathway

After a brief

into the door, August 2010, Hunan, the "happy Meimei forward" a female guest in the course of checkpoints unfortunately falling water, the impact force is too large due to its upper body tights "shrink", leading to the chest exposed. This situation is the scene of the audience to take pictures, and quickly released to the Internet, known as the water door. In fact, the first is more spread about the QQ platform, at the end of August, we often see the door into the GIF format animation picture of the wanton spread of QQ group. A lot of people do not know the pictures of the position, just curious, then spread quickly. It can be said that the QQ platform is a good platform for event speculation.

2, Baidu related product platform

in the door of the GIF animation spread in the QQ platform on the occasion, we look at the Baidu search list, the search for the word on the Internet sharp rise. List of events in which the door is far ahead of the water, and even more than the heat of the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival topic of universal concern. Of course, this is only appearance, then the Baidu platform in the process to play what role? First of all, we look at Baidu’s own product "Baidu encyclopedia" entry, to date, the "water door" browse times: about 37109 times, 11 times editor:

update is today, the word is still visible in the frequent changes, indicating that users are still not concerned about the enthusiasm. Second, we search in the Baidu search box to enter the water, you can see a large number of Related words appear in the following box (this is not a "crime", ha ha a joke). Finally, in the video, pictures and many other keywords search results Baidu occupy most of the forefront position.

3, the real "the initiator of evil"

we turn to the webmaster about the problem, who is really the initiator of evil "". Yes, we will guess, in fact, is the webmaster. I try to search in Baidu, Liao Huimin, the word "second" to the location of the same place to occupy the same site (Ninth were occupied, not seen in the screenshot) (). It is one of the station, Hainan portal – South China Sea (sponsored by the Hainan daily newspaper group), can in the front row do not feel strange, if high weight. But from the view that the title of the article is obviously in the hype "cheat" flow, during the flooded naked "chest" "" "". "It also exposed does not matter."

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