Baidu don’t let the money eat your conscience

Baidu don’t let the money eat your conscience

two days ago, a friend on the Internet website to buy digital products cheated, after all the analysis, this liar website actually just opened 10 days, the webmaster friends website optimization promotion to cheat very envy, then finally asked how to find this website, the friend to say is out in the Baidu search at the same time! I was in the Baidu search "SONY digital camera" and was surprised to find that the fraud site ranked in the top two of the promotion.

originally, this site is to spend money to promote. We can not help Baidu only bill audit information practices were condemned, and the friend in the police report, the 110 report, this website still appear in Baidu’s position before the promotion. The police and the 110 is the responsibility of each shirk.

is very angry, do not know how to say, don’t let it lie down

so rampant?

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