Welcome overseas purchasing regular army sit tight hitherto unknown crisis purchasing party is faci

Welcome overseas purchasing regular army sit tight hitherto unknown crisis purchasing party is faci

I [note] the customs purchasing new world network operators of traditional purchasing industry is undoubtedly a blow, facing part of purchasing or price, or close the dilemma. But the move, that "the large cross-border electricity supplier shopping platform as the representative of the regular army" status, Party purchasing situation some will be more difficult to fight the enemy separately. For consumers, in fact, is a good thing.

text / cross-border electricity supplier Eagle bear sinks

with the impact of market policies, purchasing such a part-time also changed into a career, this is a very prosperous business, last year, the scale has more than 100 billion yuan. However, after September 1st, once the happy time, may be gone every day…

RMB exchange rate fell sharply in August 12th, to the global buyers who have brought significant losses, the middle of the profit has shrunk dramatically. To add insult to injury, the end of the customs policy meeting made a major decision to increase the inspection of overseas postal parcels and luggage returned passengers. The decision will be formally implemented in September 1st.

in September 1st the implementation of the new customs, in the content and before did not change, but from the beginning of September 1st will be strictly enforced! The main contents are as follows: three to must be consistent, namely goods, invoice, customs declaration, accurate to every single product, must be clearly labeled brand name and number; if the courier company one-time declaration of goods the error rate of more than 5%, will be heavy fines, if more than 10%, then all the goods will be seized as smuggling


100% question box unpacking inspection, inspection team leader 100%, 100% groups of visitors for inspection! More than 5000 yuan of taxes


of this policy will greatly enhance the difficulty of purchasing goods into the country, will also increase the express company operation difficulty and cost, can see at least in the short term, the number of purchasing and logistics speed will be influenced by


interpretation of the latest tax standards

according to the relevant provisions of the customs entry, beyond the residents to carry passengers 5000 yuan of personal articles, the customs examination indeed use; entry of non residents to carry passengers to stay in the territory of the Chinese personal articles, more than 2000 yuan, only the Customs for the excess tax on indivisible individual items, the full tax. If a package is fifteen thousand, has exceeded $5000, and is an integral part of the commodity, according to the provisions of the full tax.

so, what is the tax rate for each item?

10% tax rate

o food and beverage

o leather clothing and accessories

o bags and boots

o gold, silver, jewelry and its products, works of art, collectibles

o home care, health and beauty equipment


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