Bitcoin sober platform traced to brush volume drainage

Bitcoin sober platform traced to brush volume drainage


in 2017, bitcoin began a round of skyrocketing". January 1st has returned to 6900 yuan, in January 2nd exceeded $7300 in January 3rd exceeded $7400, as of January 4th, bitcoin has exceeded $7700, creating a new high since the year of 2013, approaching the highest price of $8000 in history in 2014.

bitcoin "skyrocketing" at the same time, a small platform through the brush amount (Note: through various means to create virtual business, there is no actual volume) increase in trading activity is traced out. However, many people said the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter, want to brush for bitcoin shill is unlikely. If the amount of light brush will be able to raise prices, the bitcoin will not fall in 2014 to 900 yuan." An industry source said so. In fact, the amount of brush is more to attract users and investors.


platform is the "norm"


2016, the global financial market has experienced a series of major events, many of which lead to market turmoil, the black swan event". In the financial market, a shock, bitcoin seems to become a sought after hedging tool.

bitcoin this round of rising because investors in the world economy experienced drastic political changes in the demand for safe haven assets. Although there is no obvious stimulus signal, but the market supply and demand and promote the concept of block chain, are the cause of this round of rising." China bit network CEO Li Dawei told reporters.

at the same time, in January 3rd, Microsoft Corp announced plans to provide a wide range of support for bitcoin in the upcoming Excel2017, will allow users to calculate, layout and analysis bitcoin on the platform. Bitcoin to the center, the world circulation, no hidden costs and other characteristics to attract the attention of large enterprises, Microsoft move also continue to promote the use of bitcoin mainstream. In fact, the central bank is also studying the block chain, want to develop China’s digital currency." An industry source said.

after eight years of development, today’s bitcoin has been as a hedge + value of assets are sought after by some investors.

bitcoin value is entirely based on the needs of the market, unlike the legal tender, it is not subject to government regulation. In the financial and economic instability or restrictions on cash, coins can be used as a good investment tool, but the need is clear bitcoin price fluctuations, investors need a rational investment in the context of their own affordable, good risk control." Li Dawei said.

in the bitcoin market see high at the same time, some of the illegal operations platform "brush" also traced out.

in a number of relatively small platform, if there is a high price but can not grab the money, it can certainly be the amount of their own brush." Chen told reporters. Mr. Chen is a programmer, from the beginning of bitcoin development, has been concerned with the purchase of bitcoins.

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