Gome Suning quarter net profit fell electricity supplier strategy was forced to accelerate

Gome Suning quarter net profit fell electricity supplier strategy was forced to accelerate

Suning Appliance announced its first quarter net profit fell 15.3%, its rival Gome yesterday (May 1st) released the results of early warning announcement, the company expects first quarter net profit will decline significantly.

in the industry view, the two major home appliance chain giant in the first quarter of 2012 net profit fell, and the home appliance industry environment tightening, electricity supplier industry investment has a direct relationship. Deputy director of China Appliance Marketing Committee Chairman Hong Shibin on the "daily economic news" reporter said, the current home appliance industry overall tight, the decline in corporate profits will lead to Gome and Suning Appliance business strategy to accelerate.

Gome, Suning net profit fell

Gome yesterday announced the results of the early warning announcement that the company’s first quarter net profit is expected to decline sharply due to the decrease in sales revenue and e-commerce business losses". The performance is still in the preparation stage, therefore no detailed description of gome.

it is worth noting that this is the two consecutive quarterly decline in Gome performance.

public data shows, the fourth quarter of last year, Gome only made a net profit of 49 million yuan, compared with the three quarter of last year fell to 91.1% 550 million yuan, 522 million yuan year-on-year compared to the fourth quarter of 2010 fell by 90.61%.

Before the

performance warning issued, printing once there are "Gome first quarter loss" news spread. "Daily economic news" yesterday, Lu Jiang, deputy manager of the Department of Gome’s investor relations, the latter said that due to the quiet period, all to prevail.

coincidentally, Suning Appliance announced in April 27th in the first quarter 2012 unaudited financial results for its first quarter revenue 22 billion 641 million yuan, an increase of 10%, but net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 951 million yuan, down 15.3%.

"two profit decline and the home appliance industry environment tightening has a direct relationship." Hong Shibin in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said the regulation of the real estate market plus the old and other home appliance stimulus exit, so that the current decline in home appliance sales significantly.

appliance expert Liu Buchen also revealed that in the TV manufacturers as an example, the current 3D and the price of smart TV and LED TV has been almost ordinary, thus fierce competition, on the one hand to stimulate sales, but on the other hand also reduces the enterprise’s profit".

"as a result of the" old for new "policy, as well as the continuation of macro-control policies, the home appliance industry in the short term be affected." Suning Appliance in the announcement also pointed out that the company’s sales are also affected by the above factors on the performance of its comparable store sales revenue fell 7.24%. Lu Jiang also said that the old change and other related policies to allow the first quarter >

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