Ali to become a content company WeChat public number you okay

Ali to become a content company WeChat public number you okay

Abstract: the content of entrepreneurship has come in the spring, the content of the electricity supplier, the media electricity supplier this new term has begun to occupy the media sector. When people start to pay attention to the style of life, content driven consumption patterns will be replaced by the purchase of the shelf in the past, this is the next generation of Alibaba judgment.


a change in the consumer era, turning a lot of people’s lives.

in September last year, with the first person in charge of a Taobao headline "identity, participated in the Taobao mobile phone" open plan "press conference in Beijing; in a large event that executives scouring star studded, no one noticed what a boy. With the hero in Alibaba group for seven years, this is the first time in Beijing with such a big parade of press conference, may not have noticed, he posted a "spell" word in notebook computer.

, mobile phone Taobao official Jiang Fan announced that mobile phone Taobao will be three years 2 billion huge Commission recruitment contents small talk about life, love, let every kind of life style of content producers, published their work in the hand wash, and open to content providers Taobao nearly 1 billion level settled commodity base, Taobao share the average daily flow of billions, once the transaction, you can share the Commission, three years is expected to issue 2 billion yuan.

news, shocked the nation media group, with the team to continue to come from the media Junjie V opened an account registration in assistance, a day before the acceptance of "the world" network interview, they visited VOGUE, Ruili, the Pacific computer network and other well-known media, I hope these content providers can open channel in Taobao the headlines. Taobao headlines currently recruited from media people have more than 400 V.

when people start to pay attention to the style of life, content driven consumption patterns will replace the past shelf purchase, which is the next generation of Alibaba judgment. Before people shopping on the Internet, Taobao will open the web page, search for specific commodity, provides a whole column shelf display price jump like this, after the purchase price; shopping behavior in the mobile era greatly changed, people read the content in the App, found the right goods, fashion, can complete the transaction in App directly, don’t even need to leave the original reading of the App page, this is the macro scene "content guide" is popular.


Taobao platform "on the red net" phenomenon emerged. The fans in a variety of platforms on the network, to realize the life style of the unique network red girl, some people returning from abroad, some people’s nature, some people are on the catwalk star studded models; the Red Net girl fans get people’s identity, fans willing to live in the role model order "red net", with Zhang Dayi, the name became the brand daikin.

what do you buy define what kind of person you are

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