B2C website self built CPS Alliance

B2C website self built CPS Alliance

almost overnight, large and small B2C website to take out a sudden, invariably, they choose the same way to promote a –CPS alliance, most of the B2C website is selected through the existing advertising alliance, such as leading Kurt network and sent to the results in affiliate marketing, the alliance has very good the media resources in advertising tactics also have more research, the choice of advertising should be put at the beginning of more appropriate way, of course, there are also some of the stronger website chose self alliance, today to introduce several self CPS alliance B2C website.

Dangdang and excellence should belong to the earliest launch of the CPS promotion, who call someone else’s debut too early:), the two of them are cooked, a simple comparison of the ratio:


consumer electronics products: 2%

kitchen products: 3%

books, audio and video, software products: 4%

consumer products: 7%


books, audio and video products 5%

home appliances, mobile communications, computer products, digital, maternal and child products 2%

kitchen products 3%

in addition to books and audio-visual products; household appliances, mobile phone communications, computer, digital products, baby products; kitchen products and other products 7%

The highest

is only 7%, the proportion is not much, but because of itself Dangdang excellence have occupied a large market share of B2C, visibility, user acceptance is very high, so relatively easy to make in order to get owners Commission, do the webmaster Dangdang excellence should say a few. Especially before the two league stop points rebate website launch, Dangdang do excellence CPS website, quite a lot of personal income and number.

say that the heady Vancl, beat PPG, VANCL, not by more traditional media, not by inviting star endorsement, which is to rely on network advertising to achieve rapid growth in sales, which CPS advertising also accounted for a large proportion of self Vancl Alliance (http://s.union.vancl.com/) is not a small contribution. Vancl union current share proportion is 15%, the ratio is lower than in the advertising alliance to share the Vancl in advertising to the owners of the ratio is divided into 16% (Kurt, collar net and together with the results are, so this ratio) Vancl to advertising the ratio to be higher than 16%, should be 20% or more, self brand profit space is remarkable. There was an article that Vancl from the league’s sales ratio is not high, I do not know if this is correct, but I can say for sure that the sales from the union is not low, Van>

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