Hardware product marketing how to have no sense of violation on the WeChat platform

Hardware product marketing how to have no sense of violation on the WeChat platform

when a WeChat user is in the best of spirits to chat, he suddenly received a message from the public account, open a look, a naked advertising with all urged to buy words, such as killing the same character appears in front of. Needless to say, this kind of advertising, the basic will be hit by the hell of the customer, if the public account of the business did not have too much level, can only send these hard wide, then the face of him will lose a lot of users.

I noticed that the Tencent is very willing to cooperate with the strength of some large enterprises, the development of many WeChat services based on the service account, such as China Merchants Bank, SF express, Fasthotel housekeeper, China National Museum and so on. Because these companies open public accounts, mostly to provide users with a service. Such as China Merchants Bank’s public service account, you can choose a simple number, voice response function to help customers solve some of the routine, procedural issues. This greatly saves the time for people to call the customer and seek the service time. The SF express the use of WeChat online public account, not only can generate orders for customers, before the courier delivery, will express little brother pictures to customers through WeChat, which solves the problem of safety of customers.

but I found that WeChat’s public account to do the classic seems to be to provide services to businesses, business services is the use of WeChat to extend this social platform. The sales of hardware products business, how can the entity products to users through WeChat, and there is no sense of violation and? I understand that online, a brand will not only a very simple product, there is no sense of violation and into the WeChat public account, even through the WeChat social platform, extending the content of products. This product is a simple pedometer.

pedometer product for decades, almost no change in principle. Before putting it on the social network, it gives people the impression that it is neither easy nor warm. But it still has a surprising place – wearable devices in the network are industry sources for the future development of the year, a network of pedometer, to the health of the connotation of the brand, on the WeChat platform. Then a networked hardware devices, why must be placed on the WeChat platform marketing it?

because, once it embarked on the WeChat platform, the cold products, will become a warm social application. To give a simple example, stand-alone version of the game in order to attract users, must be classic enough. And the network game, even if it is not so good, there will be a lot of people to play. In the past, this kind of hardware products of the pedometer aren’t popular, because it is too lonely. But once the product can be networked, into the WeChat platform, people can exchange experience in the public platform, the product will have a qualitative change.

in the real example, a brand of WeChat pedometer was built through a public account, do pedometer ranking, upload personal achievement, will become a hardware products to attract users repeatedly access, providing hardware products. "

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