f Baidu is McDonald’s what is Hi

f Baidu is McDonald’s what is Hi

when I was out of town, I called my nephew and asked him what he wanted. I haven’t been to McDonald’s, in order to have his long cherished wish I take him. In the meantime, I told him a lot of junk food, and my nephew didn’t listen. It took me an hour to get a package, and my nephew had forgotten to eat at the casino. I paid for it and got a free toy. I was very surprised to say that western fast food is not good, why so many people. The following is my opinion:

McDonald’s success in China:

1, localization (what you need, I will launch what)

2, advertising language to strengthen the memory (more choices more laughter in McDonald’s, I like to wait for you to remember a short slogan)

3, bundled consumption (you can not eat potato chips without a cup of cola, there are many promotional packages, as long as people spend more)

4, community culture (with entertainment facilities, in fact, many children are in McDonald’s love to play while eating the


HI recently developed, many people speculated that it was directed at QQ to go, I think these are the strategists, Born Under A Bad Sign. If they were born in the war, they were generals. I think: if Baidu is like McDonald’s, that HI is free toys, a temptation and consolidation role.

1, Baidu’s success, he played a raffish localization, Baidu defeated many search predecessors, MP3 search, Post Bar, know, space etc.. Because he is the Chinese design search engine, he knows our habits and tastes, like McDonald’s as a Soybean Milk and Deep-Fried Dough Sticks.

2, if there is no

that "there are problems of use Baidu Search is said to be from the original Phoenix host Liang Dong said, I have seen many times Liang Dong’s show, he always say some wonderful phrases out inadvertently. Asks a media person to enter the Baidu to do the market propaganda, is absolutely correct. A company to make a strange person to remember, it is necessary to use advertising language, how many people because of a problem with Baidu and use a lot of Baidu.

3, you can’t search, use the search only accounted for 15% of Baidu, so Baidu bundled with many other functions, such as MP3 know, search, Post Bar, allowing users to more space to linger. Baidu MP3 search for a lot of people to save the cost of buying CD, Baidu know is when you have no answer to the search results, ask someone to help you solve. Baidu post bar, when you feel lonely, can not find a group of people to communicate with you, stick to give you a lot of choices. Baidu space, can let more friends know you.

4, Baidu does not have a direct communication function, you ask a question to wait for someone to answer, want to find a friend can only leave a message, so forcing users to use QQ chat tools. HI is a free toy, don’t want, can let a person have fun in it, let me.

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