Shanda literature acquired Shuwang Topfond listen to audiobooks for layout

Shanda literature acquired Shuwang Topfond listen to audiobooks for layout

August 23rd, the grand price of 999 yuan to the official launch of Bambook at the same time, the grand literature also announced investment holdings Topfond Tingshu network ( Analysis of the industry, a move intended to integrate Topfond Tingshu network resources and technology to help the grand literature entered the sound reading business, strategic layout to business, but also can enhance the Bambook communication function.

Topfond Tingshu network was founded in March 25, 2004, and through the operation of more than 6 years of development, has become the largest book website, won the "Chinese Web2.0 100 best website award. It focuses on the operation of audio books research and market, to provide the most cutting-edge fashion information and audio content for the audience to listen to the book. The content of the website related to economic management, Chinese and foreign literature, classical literature, modern literature, children’s literature, science fiction, detective suspense, encyclopedic knowledge of nearly 20 categories, more than 80000 of total contents. At the same time, Topfond Tingshu network actively explore the wireless value-added services, have been associated with e-books, intelligent mobile phone, car MP3 and other manufacturers to carry out in-depth cooperation, broaden the channels to listen to the book.

Shanda literature has 7 original literary website, with the depth of cooperation in the planning of the 4 publishing companies, with strong copyright resources. "Cloud bookstore" has 3 million copyright works, 60 billion words of original content and 1000 kinds of electronic magazines, and daily updates 100 million words. With the cloud bookstore to achieve seamless Bambook, the indicators are a leading position among similar products, is not only an e-book hardware products, is a new networking products. Bambook now has a "book", the speech synthesis technology innovation Institute grand development, each page of the text can be read out, for driving or eye fatigue are applicable. At present, this system not only can choose a male or female, but also can correctly read English, can be used to practice listening.

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