Daily topic Ali social ambitions will not be able to launch an enterprise M nail can shake WeChat

Daily topic Ali social ambitions will not be able to launch an enterprise M nail can shake WeChat

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 12th news, remember the Alibaba launched last year communication software nail? Now the nail has been officially out of the beta phase, the whole society of small and medium-sized enterprises open registration, users can directly download mobile phone application or the use of desktop client to create the registration team.

it is understood that the nail on the line in December 2014, the origin of the team to build, responsible for the person in charge of the product from the division of chen. The product team was established in April last year, the total number of more than 60 people, its research and development, on-line without any publicity, has been in a state of secrecy. The Ali did not do any promotion of this product, many people do not know this product. I do not know that the introduction of such a low-key low-key nail, whether it is due to the impact of the failure of the exchange


nail is an enterprise class mobile communication products, the demand for small and medium sized enterprises to develop internal communication, now obviously function has four parts: the enterprise mail list, read unread messages, nail and free phone. Core functions: read unread message via SMS and telephone, at a glance; the important message DING to each other; while many people support the phone will open up online, and telecom operators, even if there is no binding nail client, can still receive information or telephone; enterprises can create the enterprise cloud mail list, collaborative work convenient and safe.

It is reported that

users for the amount of free calls per month for 100 minutes a day, DING  5; in the name of the company in the nail on the application of enterprise service success, the company all registered employees call minutes will rise to 1000 minutes per day / month, DING will increase to 50.

nail selects enterprise users of this small incision nail evaluation of Ali, from the micro channel competitive differentiation. At the same time they praise through the seamless link of mobile network operators and telecom network. Low-key stealth temperament make people are naturally curious. Although they emphasize enterprise – oriented users, but with many interest groups, the function of many people to join, the nail is not likely to stop in the office scene.

from the impact of WeChat hopeless, nail as if the birth of a group of social dreams. This year is the first year of enterprise applications, are entering the market, we also see the market demand and gap." Nail founding team member said, saying that social ambitions are a bit too far, nails or a new project on the line soon."

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