Daily topics Shanghai river network completed D 100 million round of financing over 1 billion valu

Daily topics Shanghai river network completed D 100 million round of financing over 1 billion valu

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 27th news spread already a long time of online education website Shanghai river network has completed the D round of financing, the amount of over $100 million in last night, has finally been confirmed. Anhui new media announcement that intends to use its own funds to invest 100 million yuan to the parent company of Shanghai Hujiang Network Culture Communication Co. mutual added shares accounted for 1.43%.

Shanghai river network was established in 2001, is one of the earliest foreign language original network teaching platform. The Shanghai river network’s contains four major business system are: Shanghai river network, provide learning information for users; Shanghai community, learning community of users; learning tools such as CCTalk, fun word games and D dictionary, cool hearing; recording platform "school"; "CC class broadcast platform".

data show that the Shanghai river network was established in 2001, 2007 completed an angel round of financing, 2009 completed A round of financing, 2013 completed $20 million B round of financing. In 2014, Shanghai river network also obtained Baidu strategic investment.

according to iResearch forecast, 2014~2016 China’s online education industry scale was 99 billion 800 million, 119 billion 170 million and $143 billion 720 million, an increase of 18.9%, respectively, and 20.6%. According to statistics, since the beginning of 2013, the average daily birth of 2.6 online education companies. However, the market is always accompanied by extreme expansion after the bubble, the heat of online education market in the first half of 2014 investment under significant cooling, well net, ladder network, logistics customer, hotline and other dozens of English institutions in 2014 shut down.

Shanghai river network as the industry veteran, 2001 appear in the language BBS, and gradually developed into a learning portal, in the face of "ceiling" to pay the course after the advertising model, finally in 2014 a clear position do the whole category learning platform, the establishment of an open ecosystem. It is understood, as has been achieved online education company earnings, currently about 80% Hujiang net source of income is the school and business, the other 20% comes from advertising, future plans to build more high-quality PGC (ProfessionalGeneratedCon-tent, specializing in the production of content resources).

according to the announcement, Anhui new media and Hujiang network jointly determine, in   K12  to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the field of education, the use of Anhui new media on campus channel advantages and education service system for Anhui team learning platform diversion powder Guide Shanghai river network, common polished for K12 digital educational products and service mode. Investment in digital education industry quality targets. At the same time, Anhui new media said the timely holdings of shares of shanghai.

Anhui new media said, adding the cultural depth and mutual cooperation, will open up the industry sectors, to extend the industrial chain, the construction of Internet education ecosystem, to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, have a positive impact on the transformation of the company to the development of digital education. >

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