DedeCms2007 V5_RC1 official version of the grand release

DedeCms2007 V5_RC1 official version of the grand release

Thank you very much for your continued support of DedeCms, in order to make everyone to use Dedecms station, decided to formally release DedeCms2007 (V5_RC1), which is found in the test version of the problem we have made corrections, of course procedure can not be perfect, but there is a strong team. Backing support, after we will get timely upgrade.

Download address:

V4.01 upgrade pack:

DedeCms2007 introduction

  DedeCms from 2004 to now, has gone through five versions, from the beginning of DedeCms V2, DedeCms has developed its own template engine, using the XML name space style template, provides great convenience for visual art production, starting from V2.1, DedeCms has become the most popular breath rising domestic CMS software in the DedeCms version of V3, introduced the model concepts, so as to get rid of the traditional web content management module is too scattered, not concentrated management shortcomings, but with the development of time, discovered purely by model can not meet the needs of users, and DedeCms 2007 (DedeCms V5) appears, Dedecms 2007 has the following characteristics:

The XML namespace

A, core style template, the template file format for all users, design templates, web site upgrade and transfer provides great convenience, provides strong support for robust template tag webmaster DIY own website;

two, label caching mechanism, Dedecms 2007 allows for similar tag cache, when creating the HTML, can improve the system response speed, reduce the consumption of system resources;

The concept of

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