The traditional media will not die just doing push ups

The traditional media will not die just doing push ups

in the morning, see the traditional industry friends on the Internet complaining: traditional media advertising every single version of the price kept rising, which is to end their own pace? And another popular news is Haier officially announced that it would no longer put any magazine wide hard, become the media to discuss the topic, it seems overnight. The crisis of traditional media and fengyuyulai. In fact, not only is a magazine, not just Haier, more and more advertisers in the share of traditional media, more and more small, the advertiser’s budget does not cut, but more is applied to lower cost, better effect of media on the internet.


do not know what year, newspaper advertisements every year to the end of the year, began to rise, the advertising salesman will spread to the customer side to the price of the news, on the one hand is to allow customers to be prepared, on the other hand is forced, for example, by the end of the year to sign a framework for large customers, this kind of cooperation is the best.

traditional media industry is a huge system, from the national media, to the provincial capital city newspaper group of newspaper, radio and Television Group Radio and television stations, and more than 3 thousand counties nationwide television, local newspapers and magazines, radio, practitioners are innumerable. In addition to the daily reports of publicity work, but also for their own survival of the market marketing, on the surface, the more developed city, although traditional media revenues fell significantly, but the day was fairly good, and the three or four line of the city is obviously polarization, some TV stations because of television network impact, cable television fees are collected not all, not to talk about the business weak hard wide areas, large cost and traditional newspapers with printing, logistics and distribution, such as retired workers can not see.

transformation errors

due to see the winter, but also heard in recent years to sing bad, many media to carry out the road of self redemption:


is a traditional media website, the new leadership, every day a department requires content row of red root seedlings are to convey the spirit of the Internet, "public opinion" pioneer.

lens two:

new leadership took office, the former leadership of the overthrow of the new media behavior, find a professional team, the development of millions of products, and finally the background of the right to control the software company on behalf of management.

lens three:

traditional media online site, advertising salesman depends on the old relationship between customers, requiring customers to support, to do so, but the follow-up?

lens four:

traditional media continue to meet, open up all kinds of new media platforms, to reporters equipped with scientific and technological equipment, carry out full media coverage, but with little success.

lens five or six, seven…… All kinds of Internet people may feel very funny similar picture, really continue to be staged in various traditional media, Chinese traditional media

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