CNZZ webmaster statistics improve the operating interface to enhance the user experience

CNZZ webmaster statistics improve the operating interface to enhance the user experience

days ago, reporters from the domestic independent third party data analysis service provider was informed that CNZZ’s webmaster statistics products again upgrade and experience, on the function of innovation, specific and unified operation interface in the product, reasonable layout, landscaping, easy identification, easy to understand and so on under the foot work.

specifically, CNZZ webmaster statistics background statistics will show a list of all illustrations logo are divided into the column chart, pie chart, line chart three, while adding a map, bar graph form, both in the content of the detailed data chart or the overall layout of each page is more reasonable and the atmosphere all kinds of identity, obvious functional annotation information allows the user to immediately understand, immediate experience to achieve the various functions of these changes, the operation interface, the overall data analysis and conclusion CNZZ webmaster statistics show in the form of a more objective and vivid, the user interface is more friendly operation experience.

In addition to the

, I think the CNZZ webmaster statistical product upgrades have three unique new features, it is worth mentioning:

first of all, in the last 24 hours flow trend chart, an increase of the flow rate of 3 hours, to facilitate the comparison of the flow of the station. (Figure 1) "24+3" mode, have an intuitive understanding more clearly time curves of IP, PV, independent visitors three sets of data users at the same time let the webmaster webmaster, move the mouse at any one time node curve, specifically during this period of time IP, PV, independent visitors will instantly display the data and enhance the real-time and automatic data view. (Figure 2)

(Figure 1)


(Figure 2)



second, increase the total search volume nearly 30 days, the main trend of search engine search volume nearly 30 days trend, owners can not only see the search engine traffic proportion, can see the search engine to bring the flow of the trend, and the line graph to show the webmaster. (Figure 3) after all, nowadays, the search engine is still the focus of Internet traffic entrance, is still to the webmaster to bring huge traffic entrance, even the great wealth, as much as possible, with accurate and objective of the site search engine background data analysis, can effectively help owners through the site optimization more effectively with the help of search engine marketing to your site.

(Figure 3)


finally, the regional distribution of visitors increased map display form, the webmaster can not only understand the most visited what areas, but also know that visitors are mainly distributed in the South or north coastal areas, inland areas, so as to have to optimize website of speed, improve the quality of web site. Select data list

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