Household electricity supplier five dilemma and the way out of the four

Household electricity supplier five dilemma and the way out of the four

said today the traditional Home Furnishing electricity supplier, it is Rainbow Night, since eleven after re ignited the double Home Furnishing electricity supplier enthusiasm, many traditional Home Furnishing business tycoon have started to get involved in the electricity supplier channels. In July 12, Meikailong officially launched the electricity supplier platform red beauty Mall (Star Yi Home), Yoshimori Ikuni, Jinhaima meimeile also in this year, on-line business platform, the electricity supplier has been previously Home Furnishing bland, still exist many Sibutramine platform, all friends, family, ACG, Lin wood, LuxeHome delivery etc.. And now with the recent about Red Star Meikai electronic business platform for the negative news to the public, the electricity supplier Home Furnishing cast a layer of haze.

from the star to enter the electricity business, most of the domestic Home Furnishing giants are in the red star as a reference, reference star experience, all want to see star go to learn from it, avoid on yourself. So now the home electricity supplier from the red star body to see what? How can there be a way out, the author here bold analysis: the five major difficulties determine the life and death.

(a) to

changing strategy

Red Star 13 years in March to replace the name of their mall, given the official explanation, in order to unify the online and offline brand image, from the framework of the electronic business platform and positioning from the beginning of the problem. Half the time the online brand replacement, for a consumer only, online brand is very important, for businesses, the general brand fixed is rarely replaced, because once more will lose part of the user; another point is the red star was reported that capital spending hundreds of and only for tens of thousands of sales, regardless of the data true, there is no have failed. Tens of thousands of sales, down a dozen sets of home products, and this product sales for a brand is simply incredible. Obviously, the red star appeared for the electricity supplier positioning and strategy, more important is the point: the red star that from the beginning is the burning of the electricity supplier products, in fact, the real electricity supplier, said the sales competition process of the product in the early but not burn in is the root cause of the deep burn electricity supplier, to know the difference time.

now Home Furnishing early electricity supplier is positioned as a O2O mode, so what is the O2O mode, pre-sale customization, or to group purchase as a typical example, and now from the O2O to derive a C2B model, it is concluded that the O2O is actually a hodgepodge. A product line to take the electricity supplier of the road, especially in front of the premise without reference to the next, it should not be too concerned about this mode, walk, walk to a bottleneck to modelreally, then decision mode is started to another peak, this is some suggestions for go on the way of the traditional enterprise business.

(two) operators lack of

Meikailong responsible for electricity Wang Qiqi received interview said: senior senior president > Red Star Group in almost all levels of the group were at the same time as the electricity supplier

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