2017 world’s ten nnovation Perspective

2017 world’s ten nnovation Perspective

block chain

applications continue to expand

at the moment, the chain of this boom technology in the field of science and technology has been widespread concern. In 2016, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" National Informatization Plan "for the first time the blockchain included in the national plan of informationization, and it is the strategic frontier technology, the central bank is also preparing to launch a digital currency prototype based on chain block. 2017, the establishment and application of block chain technology standards is expected to accelerate the floor, will play a role in banking, cross-border payment, network security, network and other areas of mutual assistance. Application of block chain is expected to break through the financial sector, such as the cooperation of SIEMENS and New York ventures will block chain technology in micro grid power market, WAL-MART is also testing the blockchain records of food sources, the future of this kind of application will be more and more.



extinct species return to earth

With the help of gene and stem cell technology, a large number of endangered animals will be saved in 2017, and even some extinct species can return to earth by means of the

. The northern white rhino is on the verge of extinction, the remaining 3 can not live in Kenya, and the use of stem cells, frozen species and assisted reproduction technology, the new rhino is expected to be born in 2017. In vitro reproduction test black footed ferrets will in 2017 start. There are people from the Asian elephant egg join mammoth DNA, trying to extinct mammoth cloned.

identification technology

multiple ways to protect privacy

recently, the human interface Solutions Developer Synaptics released a new generation of multifunctional biometric engine, support for fingerprint recognition and face recognition, and allows the device to unlock through a variety of ways. The biometric engine can be used in smartphones, tablets and laptops. 2017 may be a breakthrough year for biometric security. We will use the fingers, face, eyes, heartbeat and even active mode to unlock, protect financial and privacy.


new service explosive growth

Once a year the United States

consumer electronics show in Las Vegas (CES) the day before the opening, a focus of this year’s show is the fifth generation mobile communication technology (5G) is discussed. According to experts, in the 5G era, download a high-definition movie just 5 seconds, times faster than the 4G network. The U.S. government announced last year to invest more than 400 million U.S. dollars to support 5G technology research, while China is expected to start in 2020 5G commercial. The American Association of consumer technology said in a statement, "the explosive growth of 5G will bring new services, including broadband and better family services, provide Internet service and faster for the smart car affordable smart city infrastructure and augmented reality / virtual reality interactive experience".

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