Tencent holdings 58 city scale holdings of 23 million to 25%

Tencent holdings 58 city scale holdings of 23 million to 25%

58 city yaojinbo

news October 9th, after the end of September $100 million 58 city stock holdings, a Tencent through a subsidiary acquired 58 city stock again in early October, the transaction size of about $23 million.

58 city submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said the document, the Tencent subsidiary THL E Limited in October 3rd to "bulk purchase transaction" (Block Trade Purchase) purchased 58 city 616621 shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS).

THL E ADS purchase price of $37.3 per share, the total transaction size of approximately $23 million Limited.

so far, in the end of June $736 million share purchase $100 million at the end of September, the open market transactions of the 58 city holdings, Tencent’s total investment scale has risen to $859 million.

58 city SEC file

according to 58 city documents, in October 3rd after the two holdings, Tencent currently holds the number of shares in the city of the city rose to 44411158 shares, accounting for the city’s total number of shares issued by the city of 25.03% of the number of 58.

among them, Tencent subsidiary Ohio River Limited directly holds 22083000 shares of class a ordinary shares and Investment shares of class B ordinary shares, THL E Limited directly holds a total of 3803079 shares of class a common stock.

in addition, with October 3rd’s holdings, Tencent has accounted for the number of shares in the 58 city all class a common stock rose to 51.01% of the voting rights from the end of September 15.83% increase to 16.02%. (small peak)

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