Eight home appliance companies cheat up nearly billion that Changhong GREE buckpassing

Eight home appliance companies cheat up nearly billion that Changhong GREE buckpassing

, GREE, TCL, Galanz, Changhong, Midea, Changling, Leroy, Yangzi air conditioning 8 home appliance enterprises, defrauding the national energy subsidies totaling 90 million 618 thousand and 400 yuan, expenses amounted to 21 million 577 thousand and 600 yuan, 18 million 308 thousand and 800 yuan, 17 million 794 thousand yuan, 9 million 817 thousand and 800 yuan, 1 million 183 thousand yuan, 20 million 930 thousand yuan, 630 thousand yuan, 377 thousand and 200 yuan.

this is the June 20th audit of the disclosure of the twenty-fifth announcement of the year 2013: the results of the audit of the use of energy conservation, renewable energy and comprehensive utilization of resources, the data show that the 5044.

June 25th, GREE issued a clarification statement to the media, denied the existence of fraud behavior of the enterprise, said the illegal access to subsidies mainly due to the failure of the terminal dealer data is not standardized.

at the same time, Changhong on the 25 day in an interview with this reporter said, accept the audit findings, and said, Changhong paid attention to this matter, will actively cooperate with the relevant audit work, make corresponding rectification, strengthen enterprise management work late.

enterprise attitudes vary

audit report for each enterprise in the use of words such as "cash", "cheat" and "illegal" and other words

In June 25th

, a staff member of Sichuan Changhong electric Limited by Share Ltd Securities Department on which a link was eventually identified as to cheat up question said: "the sales channel is very complex, from here to the dealers and manufacturers, dealers may be divided into multiple levels, and then to the hands of consumers. In the end is how to deal with the middle dealer, how to sell to consumers, may be related to irregular operations, therefore, not only the problem of manufacturers."

Changhong group spokesman Liu Haizhong also on behalf of the Audit Commission Changhong alleged fraud behavior has done a positive response.

I do not manage the operation, it is difficult to express specific aspects of the problem." Liu Haizhong said, I can now say that companies actively cooperate with the audit department, strengthen internal management, and actively communicate with the audit department, in accordance with their requirements to strengthen the rectification."

compared to Changhong is currently difficult to clearly point out the specific aspects of the problem, GREE explained in detail to clarify the explanation. According to reports, GREE said that from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2011, during the first energy-saving Huimin policy implementation, the actual sales of GREE shipped 22 million 140 thousand sets of energy-saving air-conditioning, energy subsidies to declare 17 million 550 thousand sets of air conditioning, there are 4 million 590 thousand sets of sales of energy-saving air conditioning does not receive subsidies, causes include: one is the first time after the end of subsidies, for reasons of overall support arrange the relevant departments to take the initiative to give up 1 million 500 thousand sets of applications for subsidies, involving nearly 600 million yuan of funds; two is part of sales of air-conditioning is not in line with the standards of subsidies, did not declare.

GREE believes that the audit results are contrary to the

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