Tuniu jumped into the machine Wine Red Sea resort has no story

Tuniu jumped into the machine Wine Red Sea resort has no story

is very confusing, tuniu should open a conference to fully enter the ticket and hotel.

wine has always been the main battlefield of the most intense fighting OTA, Ctrip after 16 years of defending, has been basically settled in OTA years, become the absolute leader of wine machine field. Tuniu machine wine must know this piece of the Red Sea competition is harsh, but regardless of personal danger may have cornered jump into the fire.

as a U.S. listed company, losses continued to expand, to stabilize the investors only "biscuits" stories, create a promising future. Tuniu industry is on vacation, travel abroad accounted for up to sixty or seventy per cent, with the tour group accounted for over 90% of the business structure so dangerous to achieve high growth in capital market has not recognized. So the way cattle must seek new business growth point: air tickets and hotels.

but this is tantamount to a styled.


speed machine with little or no wine revenues of more than ten million


into machine wine business confidence may come from a self deception data:


according to the data provided by: tuniu ticket ticket business in the first quarter of this year grew 30 times, the two quarter year-on-year growth of 12 times. Tuniu this year the domestic hotel sales rose 1119%, international hotel sales rose 671%.

this performance can be described as beautiful in layman, but all do not consider the scale of growth is based on rogue. Tuniu own earnings released will expose the truth: the wine business machine according to the way cattle in 2016 first quarter results, other income was 67 million 900 thousand yuan ($10 million 500 thousand), compared with 2015 growth of 506.9% over the same period. This increase is mainly due to the growth of insurance service fee income, financial services revenue, hotel and ticket commission income and tourist attractions ticket revenue.

This means that the

tuniu ticket and hotel revenues may be less than 10 million, compared with Ctrip in 2016 Q1 liquor sales revenue of nearly 3 billion 500 million yuan, a drop in the bucket.

is worse, the way cattle in the hotel business, keep the "cow speed": in fact, the way cattle began on-line hotel at the beginning of 2014, the hotel division was formally established in 2015, now the hotel covers only in the tourist destination, did not dare to publish coverage of the hotel.

is in contrast with this rate, where the network was set up at the beginning of 2014 at the same time, the cause of the division (now the big accommodation Division), more than a year, covering more than 30 hotels.

however, the way cattle have been busy busy, high-profile conferences and spokesperson, burn smashing advertising, to attend to the small business hotel, low-key and pragmatic never tuniu style.

holiday has no story to tell the machine difficult


to a high-profile announcement to enter the machine Wine Red Sea >

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