Baidu M ulterior motives

Baidu M ulterior motives

instant communication tools for Baidu – Baidu HI, people are already noisy but raise a Babel of criticism of just listen to the stairs, but no one down. Then someone said, Baidu is to fry their concept of red, then snatch instant communication products market from QQ, MSN.

fact is true, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li recently attended an annual meeting in Shanghai, said Baidu to post bar, IM and other services, not deviate from the search direction. They are integrated with the search, which is the starting point in 2003. We hope to provide a different experience with Google, YAHOO, increase user viscosity, a sense of belonging, which is Baidu’s vision of the future, but also the goal of these new projects.

Robin Li’s words, you can say the true meaning of the Baidu IM. Now the network search and instant communication has become the application of two basic Chinese Internet, since you can eat a bun, and who will go to eat second? Not only to find information, and communicate with friends. We are on the Internet, a web site can solve the problem, why not jump to another? And remember those long passwords, at least I will not do that.

Baidu search to provide us with the answer, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar enables us to share space for us to show themselves, Baidu IM let us whisper, many Baidu products together, the whole is a huge and perfect network Empire, we make Liuhe ripple again this is, Robin Li said, the user viscosity? People’s time and energy is always limited, shouzhisangyu, will be lost in the East, the day when Robin Li put hundreds of millions of users are sticking to Chinese when Baidu, the other is that all kinds of website "horse in front of cold dilute, energy-saving".

don’t worry that Baidu will care for this and lose that Robin Li has seen, this point, in the Baidu products, play the leading role or his search. Development of a variety of products, increase user viscosity, for the majority of Internet users to provide a different experience with Google, YAHOO, which is Baidu claimed that Baidu know Chinese, the real kernel!Baidu

IM, ulterior motives, but also the viscosity between


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