2015 online education collective dilemma into the industry is difficult to form a unicorn

2015 online education collective dilemma into the industry is difficult to form a unicorn


from the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs competing placeholder, to the old education company moved to the line, from the BAT giants layout, to government policy support, K12 online education three years this scenery infinite. If in 2013 the online education is regarded as "fearless", 2014 is "the leading position, and the contention of a hundred schools of thought" in the second half of 2015, online education began to arm to survive". It is asserted that "all the beginning no online education will have a lifetime income income", online education began to fall into the collective profit realized The path winds along mountain ridges., dilemma. Who can save K12 online education, who can win? Waiting for us not only to the industry and inquiry for practitioners to listen.

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online education market

undoubtedly, online education market is a huge incremental market data show that the Chinese online education market is growing at an annual rate of more than 30%, for the first time this year, more than 160 billion yuan, in 2022 will exceed one trillion yuan. Which K12 online education is a gold mine, according to the "Wen Wei Po" reported that a Beijing Heilu relates to six provinces and cities in more than 130 schools 4000 students participating in extracurricular survey, 75.2% students and 71% junior middle school students. Coupled with the public school and cram school teaching examination separation and open the "second child" policy, stage K12 online education is facing a great opportunity hitherto unknown. Now in addition to BAT and traditional education enterprise, has a large number of entrepreneurs get together K12 online education, and developed many products such as: the mode for schools to provide hardware and software facilities B2B, separately from the class assignments and exercises starting to sell B2C, as the core of the school curriculum mode, is gradually in the course of transformation of live O2O and so on. This is also a large number of models of capital flows to the blood flow, casually cited a few examples:

November 19th, WiseNews education received 300 million yuan B round of financing, by thousands of capital lead investor Wang Yawei, Gao Rong brothers, Renaissance Capital with the cast.

October 28th, Shanghai river network announced the acquisition of 1 billion yuan D round of financing. Investors include hina, Softbank Kylinrey Chinese Shun fund investment in the people’s livelihood, etc..

September 21st, K12 content provider Lele class announced $20 million B round of financing.

such as VIPABC online education received by the Alibaba led a $100 million B round of financing, YY Lei Jun ho throw 1 billion yuan investment 100 education, Taobao education mode of online education platform every day like also received 70 million yuan Pre-A round of financing and so on.

then not every entrepreneur so lucky, more become the forerunner of the martyrs, such as last September star entrepreneurs "Helen of Troy" Gong Haiyan’s ladder network and that a good network ahead of the game. A survey shows that the current domestic online education institutions 8>

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