Ali or break the PO curse perspective of cross border electricity supplier potential of domestic el

Ali or break the PO curse perspective of cross border electricity supplier potential of domestic el


Ali listed soon, domestic and foreign media have focused on IPO, Ali also spell by foreign media speculation fiery, domestic experts believe that Alibaba will be in this month landed on the U.S. stock market is expected to set off a new wave of investment in the shares, stir the overseas market. Similarly, in recent years, the Chinese market is also an overseas electricity supplier coveted fat, with the intensification of market competition, many small and medium enterprises in China will look to the vast overseas market. However, it seems that the beautiful cross-border survival is still a problem.

overseas electricity suppliers have to snatch the domestic market cross-border cited concern

with the development of mobile Internet, the huge market potential of domestic e-commerce has also attracted overseas electricity supplier market snatch. The world’s leading mobile Internet third party data mining and integrated marketing agency iiMedia Research (AI media consulting) is expected in 2015 China Mobile e-commerce market size will reach $253 billion 650 million. Industry analysts said that overseas fashion electricity supplier aimed at China, the domestic electricity supplier, the biggest threat lies in the international brand supply chain, will be cut off from overseas electricity supplier platform.

look at the market, a few weeks ago, Amazon announced that it would set up a new cross-border operations center in Shanghai free trade area, experts predict that this business may become a major source of Amazon’s performance growth. In addition, in early December 2012, Net-a-Porter British luxury site acquisition of Hongkong VIP network, China station opened in June 2013, the United States has teles; flash shopping site Fab user base and Tencent trying to pave the way for the flow of forces into the China market; in July 2013, the UK’s largest fashion electricity supplier ASOS announced a joint business platform provider hybris entry Chinese market. The establishment of Chinese logistics, the key to the two or three line of the city to expand the..


according to statistics, at present, the "cross-border pass" record and on-line overseas businesses have reached 32, respectively, from South Korea, Australia, the United States, France and Hongkong and other countries and regions. In the face of such a situation before and after the attack, the local electricity supplier companies how to improve self defense? AI Media Consulting Group hosted the 2014 Guangdong Internet Conference (website:, Chinese major government departments, operators, high-level and other Internet giants and terminal enterprise founder and other guests will be closely combined with the current situation, discuss and the collision of thought at the conference, the direction for the future development of the electricity supplier.

small and medium enterprises survive cross-border bottlenecks but optimistic about

face overseas electricity supplier on the domestic market is also increasingly fierce agitation, domestic SMEs have begun to enter overseas. 7 years ago, Alibaba began to go out to warm up, but a year after the Hong Kong stocks plunged by 55%, the market value of more than $20 billion loss. The Arab

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