Let the small and medium sized enterprise website no longer hold the pipa half cover

Let the small and medium sized enterprise website no longer hold the pipa half cover

China has always been the center of economic construction, and the contribution of smes. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been focusing on traditional marketing, the effect of the Internet is always like holding a half of the cover of the pipa show no effect. Small and medium enterprises in the effect of the network there are still management, talent, capital and other bottlenecks, due to the impact of the economic crisis, although some companies focus on the network, but still holding a half cover. Total less than expected results.

how to make enterprise web site based on the vast sea of the Internet?

although many enterprises to establish a website for their own, because of funding problems, did not dare to try not to experience marketing, so when the website construction is not to ignore him, regard the website as a kind of decoration. Now you want to build your site so that your users can see, you have to allow users to enter the site can often see you describe or link to your site. We can do it by

1, choose a good domain name and excellent cost-effective host

domain name is essential, and is very important. First of all, we should think about how to make the user to see the domain name can make it easy to remember, we should try to select the domain name and the nature of the company’s domain name, the domain name can not be too long, not too complicated. Such as 2 billion 500 million enterprise website management system domain name in line with the company’s banner, domain name is simple, and in line with the Chinese people’s thinking. Now the Chinese domain name is very fire, it is necessary to highlight the corporate brand, may wish to register the domain name and the Chinese domain name, so that the enterprise website to maximize publicity. Virtual host is very important, if the virtual host instability, insecurity, it is bound to make the enterprise lose.

2, to understand the purpose and purpose of the site – bring customers

site is not like the traditional shop, as long as you can wait for customers to open the door to experience and purchase, and if the site is not only on the Internet marketing is tantamount to a needle in the sea, it is difficult to have users to patronize. The website to attract customers, you need to take the initiative, which requires network marketing, network marketing includes part of e-commerce and customer management, compared with the China enterprise, has the characteristics of low investment, quick effect, technical content is not high, the degree of freedom of operation. Therefore, each enterprise should take the network marketing as the direction of the website construction, and around the network marketing, network marketing target customer groups to action. Network marketing is the most important, the most direct effect is to bring the search engine rankings.

in order to get a better ranking in the search engine, it is necessary to optimize their own website. 2 billion 500 million enterprise website management system built on a good search engine optimization mechanism.

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