Express lost only pay three times the cost of experts called for legislation to break the terms of o

Express lost only pay three times the cost of experts called for legislation to break the terms of o

a courier company focused on responding to

Two days ago

reported the courier industry due to rough handling, vandalism, looting, even without a collective sell parcels, triggered a strong concern. So in the express company in the teeth of the storm when the

‘s response to it?

deputy director of STO planning department Shen Tao said: "in the double eleven period, the amount is relatively large, we can neglect the management, for the express, is sorting operation on some aspects of the process management, some loopholes exist indeed is our work." Shen Tao admitted that violence sorting this phenomenon does exist, the biggest reason is because the courier business volume rose too fast, the relative shortage of personnel. He said: we are on the reserve of personnel is itself in the courier industry, employment is a very sharp problem." As for the processing without express, Shen Tao admitted that most of the registration is indeed presented or realized.

with a SF staff, said such a words: "in three months we can not find the person, can not find customers, a problem is more sensitive, we think, decided to sell well." The issue of SF express Beijing area general manager Liu Xiaoli said, for no parts they do very carefully.

, he said: "we are six months to deal with, once a month for six months. To tell the truth, after the sale of the entire process, we are involved in a number of departments to participate in this is definitely the entry into this public account, the public account."

No. 25 in the afternoon, in Beijing to pick up the center door, sending pieces of heavy traffic, various outlets are pulling the vehicle left express sorting center. Beijing branch official said, need to be approved by the headquarters in order to be interviewed, and provided the number, but the head of the phone is no answer. In a sorting center located in the village of Beijing Pepsi Huitong Ma, Pepsi Huitong media director Lu hang said: "we express in order to ensure the safety and customer privacy, this is also the company’s regulations. Don’t let the interview."

two, the State Post Bureau interview room

with the rapid development of the courier industry, the phenomenon of the loss of express mail is also rising trend. We can also see from the official website of the national post office, for the express business complaints, each month in 2012 compared to the same period in 2011 each month have varying degrees of growth. October, consumer complaints about the express business 10639, an increase of 2969 last month, an increase of 38.7%. Among them, reflecting 1473 pieces, and express the loss of contents accounted for 13.8%; reflect the 690, accounting for 6.5% of the damage to the shipment; here is the sto express in a sorting center in Beijing Ma Zhuang, on the line wrapped in waves Everfount, as long as the express on this line, stick the fragile mark no more important. All this needs is efficiency. The principle of high pressure, small pieces of heavy pressure light, express branch.

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