Novice to do is to survive in the cracks in the Forum

Novice to do is to survive in the cracks in the Forum

novice forum seems to survive in the cracks, which is for 4 months as a forum not a little income I quite understand. First of all, I would like to talk about the experience of the forum.

I am 08 years began to want to do, then the starting point is very simple to earn money. Because sometimes search information to other people’s Web site to see, earn advertising fees can also receive a membership fee really good envy. He also had this idea, intend to also make a website to make money. But for I build a website because they had easier said than done, never learned knowledge there is no basis for site. So on the Baidu search how to build the site, and how to search for a quick site, found that really do a site is really difficult, chose a number of free space to use the background to do. We can also understand that I really do not have the ability to build a website, it is slow to learn it, but then there is too little time to go to work. Can only rely on this fool will get a free program to do, and the domain name is also 2, but was also considered a circle of their own webmaster dream, the heart is still very happy. But this junk website good times don’t last long do it, ask even very few, domain name is a link exchange people are not 2. I was so busy at work that I came back late, and after a while I had to give up.

so after a few months, that is, 09 years later I want to do a website. So in the online search for a few days, to learn some of the site is just to see some of the promotion of the article now know that it should be SEO theory. At this time I feel the forum may be better to get, as long as the background to do a good job in the forum made some articles, in the promotion of optimization will have a very good effect, which is not much stronger than a website. So in the 04 months of this year when I registered a domain name, began to concentrate on the forum, but do today just know whether the forum or website page, want to rely on him to do it too difficult, especially as we don’t know what these new people, do a forum like survival in a crevice in the same way, the space is too small. I was on the Wangzhuan forum, the forum to do this Wangzhuan is not very understanding, I also want to through the network to earn money, so they chose such a topic.

because other industries do not know, so choose this Wangzhuan theme, his hand is to learn a little more money through the network experience. Today is already fourth months, the forum is not much improvement, less popularity, ranking is not good. But for the website understanding before Bibi saw not a lot of sleep. At least know how to promote a website, how to develop. Although now they are in a position to survive in the cracks, but sometimes think he learned a few months this knowledge is also considered a value, blame their website contact time is too late, if you can do so in 0506 years would be good to have. But I’m going to have to analyze this 4 months has not pushed the Forum

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