Tang Xinjun it’s a time of revival and growth

Tang Xinjun it’s a time of revival and growth

lead: Tang Xinjun senior digital marketing, has been engaged in traditional advertising industry, digital marketing and public relations industry, after the electricity supplier in the field of entrepreneurship. From the traditional industry to the Internet experience, so that he has a unique understanding of traditional industries Internet, scene marketing.


recently, the guest state held a downtown Salon (phase I) – subvert your understanding of marketing activities. Sharon invited senior digital marketing Tang Xinjun, the Mavericks online COO Yu Jun, "City Pictorial" magazine planning director Huang millet, Southern China new media business downtown off state founder Luan Chunhui. Sharon to subvert your understanding of marketing "as the theme, with" guest lecture + interactive quiz "in the form of new economic environment to share the Internet marketing point of view, discusses the scene from marketing, effective marketing, event marketing three.

below is part of the digital marketing veteran Tang Xinjun wonderful view:

1 scene, not the invention of the Internet, but because of the revival of the internet.

2 why the Internet to compete for the scene, because most of the Internet to provide virtual services, because of the need to use virtual reality, the need for an intermediary connection, that is the scene.

3 is a scenario based solution, not just the product itself. Brand is a kind of attitude based on the scene, feelings. Community, is based on the scene of fans gathered. An extension of the strategy is an extension of the scene to a scene.

4 a point of view, the opportunity for traditional industries than the Internet industry opportunities. New scenes, naturally there are more new categories appear.

following is a veteran digital marketing Tang Xinjun speech (omitted):

I think this activity today, very open, free, there is the atmosphere of the internet. So, in such a scenario under the "Scene" is a very interesting thing. I share the theme of "the era of the era, entrepreneurial marketing methodology".

first self introduction, I was the beginning of the traditional advertising, 4A advertising circle. After entering into the blue cursor, digital marketing pr. Later, a cross-border electricity project in BlueFocus incubator, became an Internet entrepreneur. I am not the inventor of the scene, but just feel the scene, is a focus on the scene of the marketers or entrepreneurs.

actually, the scene is not invented, but there are a lot of people in the fight scene. Scene, not the invention of the Internet, but because of the revival of the internet. I illustrate it through two scenarios.

familiar with the logic thinking of the people is very clear, Luo Zhenyu has been through a variety of scenes come into our life: in the morning to 60 seconds of voice, into our toilet time and waiting for the subway time; weekly video, infiltration time fitness exercise time. This year, with a bigger scene

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