Chengdu pregnant women forced to resign how activist

Chengdu pregnant women forced to resign how activist

With the release of

two-child policy, many women need at a young age, two children, so many companies are reluctant to hire. 7 months pregnant, Chengdu mother Wang Mei (a pseudonym) has received notice from the company, had to go to work in Chengdu city Chenghua District Xilin Road, she was transferred to Jintang 37 km outside the factory, 15 minutes to get to work into 3 hours.

Wang Mei expressed reluctance to change the work place will after her office and dormitory were taken away, the company’s fingerprint punch records have been deleted. In the days of consultations, reached an agreement and Wang Mei couple but companies: wages, social security costs from the payment, after maternity leave leave maternity leave.

7 26, 2009, the Sichuan Provincial Federation of trade unions through the newspaper contacted Wang Mei and her husband Li Long (a pseudonym), the initiative to intervene to provide legal aid to them. Currently, Wang Mei couple has been formally commissioned by the Chengdu municipal workers’ Legal Aid Center for the matter to help adults.

dialogue party /

pregnant husband: worried about family safety, thought moving

7 22 message to apologize to reporters: think compromise, is worried about his wife and children were hurt

7 21 in the morning, reporters in Chengdu city Chenghua District Xilin Road No. 138 building 11 floor "Ruixiang Rong Xing packaging company outside the interview, was

staff pushing pulling, snatch mobile phone and camera. The second day in the morning, Li Long worried about the safety of his family, but had no choice but to compromise retreat, concurrent SMS apology to reporters.

he said in the message: "yesterday the scene (reporter mobile phone robbed and we went to the labor supervision departments) of all the cases show that, if the worst case, the wife and children hurt, and took no compensation."

"as a man, and when father, I thought a lot. I’m really afraid that my lover and children will be hurt. I had to make a choice between my own interests and the safety of my family." Li Long worried that even if the arbitration results are favorable, the enterprise also accepted, but we are still in the birth insurance and maternity allowance when the current process will go, or will be embarrassed. As ordinary people (603883, stock it), we do not have so much time and energy to fight for. This is the first reported news I find you, you for justice are beaten, I cringe. I’m sorry, I’m sorry."

7 26 on the phone to voice their voices: they dare even reporters, I really fear

7 25, the "recommended

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