A few tips to set up shop

A few tips to set up shop

business is not everyone can do, if you are doing business or want to do business, best can understand some business related things, so as to make the business more smoothly, Xiaobian analyze several points, for your reference, the inadequacies also please forgive me, feeling interested please look after.

A: do not stare at the customer dogged, the non-stop chatter without stop case: Mike has been scared away only a dozen paces the drugstore — its appearance is very impressive, shelf design was open, is typical of the drug store, and the clerk is very warm. But the problem is precisely on the "very warm". When the customer enters the hall, the door of the counter will continue to pass moves Lai sound, mouth kept asking "what to buy?" "What’s wrong with the body?"…… Even if you have bought one, they will introduce another. When you go out, the cold which salesman will plug you a flyer, said: "go back slowly, promising to come here to buy!" You see, only to find that described above is not a weight loss drug is prevalis two: under certain circumstances, some goods keeps its messy but can attract customers: the case of Guangdong a multimedia company in some bookstore, shop counters, software software is placed on the float in sell. When the customer after the float, you will find the car placed on the brightly coloured software is very attractive, and the bookstore books audio and video products arranged in good order in stark contrast. Many people will ask: "how do you do?" The answer is: "this will attract people, people have a sense of freedom."

three: pre flattery, not as intimate after-sales service

case: a few years ago, Mr. Zhang’s sister to buy a video recorder, ask him to help. Came to a more familiar "reputation" electrical store, the boss is very enthusiastic, strongly recommended to him a new Toshiba video recorder. However, Toshiba moved home, but found no match with the old TV video interface. Mr. Zhang’s sister request to return, however, Mr. Zhang returned to the "reputation", only to see another side face of the boss. The boss to products have been opened to sell on the grounds, refused to change, attitude and previous like a different person, so Zhang angry. Finally, in the case of threat argument, Mr. Zhang cut more than more than and 200 yuan in exchange for a table and the old television, video recorder. So many years later, he mentioned still hate.

four: only spend 1 yuan to the customer, often more than $100 of customers to your business case: Sellers tend to purchase high customer attentions on the purchase of small amount is payable to the. However, the purchase of large amount of customers, often rarely came. And often come to buy some small goods customers, but you should pull the regulars – he is not the amount of each purchase, but due to frequent visits, the cumulative purchase is not low.

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