Two guy did not succeed in the market survey goose can not sell

Two guy did not succeed in the market survey goose can not sell

in the current success of numerous cases of publicity, you also have unlimited expectations of entrepreneurship? However, if you want to really succeed in business, you still need to do market research. There are a lot of young people in rural areas are thinking of working in the city, but the two of them to give up the city’s good treatment, a stick like back to the countryside to engage in farming.

Cai, Tang Gongqiang Zaoliang for two young people, most of the villagers do not understand. Cai Zaoliang’s parents also very puzzled: hard for a child to college, is that he has a bright future in the future, and he had to give up a good job in the city, back to rural entrepreneurs engaged in farming.

two guys to give up treatment in the city, go home to engage in entrepreneurial breeding

"these geese are big, but we can’t sell them. If you continue to raise it, a few hundred dollars a day to spend." The return of university graduates entrepreneurship Cai Zaoliang at their breeding goose flocks mixed: joy is their breeding success; the worry is that such a good goose but can not find the market.

Cai Zaoliang and Tang Gongqiang are Hainan Danzhou, a university Cai Zaoliang 2009 graduated from Wuhan, specializing in biological pharmacy; Tang Gongqiang graduated from a Haikou secondary school, the school is clinical study. "We didn’t know each other, and we became good friends when we worked together in a pharmaceutical factory." Tang Gongqiang said, in this pharmaceutical factory, they are all types of technical work, treatment is very good.

after a few years of work, Cai Zaoliang and Tang Gongqiang had some savings. They have been discussed, made a move to make the villagers and their families are difficult to understand the move: home business. Cai Zaoliang said that the villagers were unable to understand his approach, the parents of his practice is also very surprised, it is difficult to accept.

later, Cai Zaoliang and Tang Gongqiang in the village of Wenchang town of Danzhou city of Hainan Province, three rented a venue, to engage in aquaculture.

stick to the wilderness, goose success

saw their motivation in the countryside, the family changed their views, and gradually support them, they agreed to try entrepreneurship in rural areas.

after repeated consideration, two young people chose to raise geese. On the one hand is the goose’s technology is easy to grasp, and at that time the goose market good. Last October, Cai Zaoliang and Tang Gongqiang in the voices of doubt, take off in the city wearing fashionable clothes, put on work clothes wrinkled, wearing a straw hat and rolled up his trouser legs, carry a hoe in the rented land reclamation, land leveling. In order to save money, most of the work is their own doing, their homes, built brick paving, goose house. Dry for more than a month, a farm finally recommended to take shape

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