What are the creative projects of the Henan Central Plains entrepreneurship Conference

What are the creative projects of the Henan Central Plains entrepreneurship Conference

in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, many places began a wave of entrepreneurship. These innovative companies, perhaps a little creativity, an adjustment or a practice, inadvertently opened your brain hole. So, what are the creative projects of the Central Plains business meeting? The following and small series of specific understanding.

[a peony Yang Shuyu]

so that peony can be "four seasons in"

Luoyang, is the hometown of 90 entrepreneurs Yang Shuyu. But want to see peony, only in April each year. She and her mother’s entrepreneurial project "a peony", determined to let the peony".


the spring peony, through the deep processing of baking, made the tea, not only the bubble is very beautiful, but also on the girl’s pain has certain curative effect. In the future, they will also develop a series of peony products, the occupation of China’s six largest producer of peony.

[kiss AI technology Li Ming]

moxibustion like first love

although the market to do a lot of moxibustion store, but the kiss of AI technology, Li Ming believes that the kiss of health has its own unique. They are the Ren and Du moxibustion moxibustion has two patents. He said that the health experience of kissing Moxa Moxibustion is very unique, just like the feeling of first love. "We are an hour to do an hour of constant temperature, and then an hour to do back temperature, people feel very comfortable."

[Bobo catering Li Qianwen]

Malatang can achieve the entrepreneurial dream

"spicy small bin" originated in the city, from the start of a less than 30 square meters of the store, because the authentic taste, every day of business to one or two in the morning. Bobo restaurant do "spicy small valley" project, small and beautiful, customers are very precise, mainly some young women of fashion. Many stores are married started, the whole industry is on the rise.

[Zhang Yusheng]


"Internet plus" let the countryside more beautiful

a year ago, one of the first domestic innovative rural professional business service platform was founded in Henan in Zhoukou — the peddler mall began to explore. Now, in Zhoukou has set up 15 home appliance flagship stores, 30 stores, 145 home appliance business town village service station business, upload and sales of local agricultural products 38. "Zhang Yusheng, founder of the peddler" project hope that through their own strength, let the countryside more beautiful.

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