Which places should not open audio and video shops and bookstores

Which places should not open audio and video shops and bookstores

business shop location still a very important factor, because the "right" in three, it is the "location" for the entrepreneurial path after the journey has great influence. Let’s take a look at where to open a video shop and bookstore.

1, the fast lane side

This is

area as new sites Bookstore store, this is because in the absence of floating population under the condition of limited fixed total consumption will not increase due to the opening of new stores and bookstores.

if the bookstore on the two floor the store even higher, not only because of the high floors inconvenience to customers to buy, but also because of high floor shop spread effect is poor, difficult to expand sales of books and audio-visual products.

4, not located in the slope of the road

Bookstore store located in the slope of the road, is generally considered not advisable. However, there are always some Bookstore store will encounter such a situation so that if the store is located in the bookstore to the slope of the road, we must consider the entrance set proper position in the bookstore store and road, to facilitate customers to import. In addition, the location of the window, the arrangement of the channels, commodity display, etc., should have the appropriate design.

5, pavement and shop floor level and the poor place

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