Old train tickets can earn money to earn millions of business opportunities

Old train tickets can earn money to earn millions of business opportunities

do not want to do the cost of investment who do not use the old train tickets can earn a lot of money to make millions of business opportunities! Due to the large market demand, sell old train tickets per month can earn two thousand or three thousand, now the network seller also has the waste used as a commodity for sale. Some people say that the business interests of the people, but also do not have to invest in capital, he is nothing to steal music.

carrying a canvas bag, holding a cigarette between his lips of the middle-aged man, the Changchun Railway Station the station every door and encountered outbound passengers, he came to ask for the abandoned train ticket. Together with the votes to pick up a number of middle-aged women, known as the "ticket king" – he called his surname Wang, and cable votes is his career.

"this train passenger travel, only received more than and 30 pieces, but the face amount are all very big, is also good." Mr. Wang told reporters that the light is not to get it, crying out. "Car tickets, which train to Changchun are Duomaike bargain, Beijing tickets 5 yuan a day, or not?" after harvesting the waste of train tickets to him, the pedestrians sell train tickets. Reporters observed in the side, in just 40 minutes, a total of 6 people in their hands to buy the old train tickets. According to its introduction, earned 120 yuan, many people purchase for reimbursement charge accounts of the local people, the price is in accordance with the par value of 1% for the par value just sold 12600 yuan, excluding the change is, there is always someone to buy, have to spend money now 3%-4% invoice is the lowest, to repeat.

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