Shanxi in the first half of the original carbon yield significantly decreased capacity to effect pre

Shanxi in the first half of the original carbon yield significantly decreased capacity to effect pre

natural resources as non renewable resources, with the vigorous development of science and technology, many places need to use. In the past period of time, the use of a large amount of natural resources and the environment have caused great damage. Under the guidance of the new policy, the exploitation of natural resources is gradually reduced, and effective. Shanxi Provincial Bureau of statistics released the day before the data show that the first half of Shanxi province above scale coal production was 389 million 320 thousand tons, a decrease of 14.4% over last year, capacity to effect previews.

2015 years, Shanxi coal industry net loss amounted to 9 billion 400 million yuan. This year, Shanxi continue to promote the structural reform of the supply side, three to a drop in one, the initial results, the cumulative effect of restructuring and upgrading continue to appear.

from April this year, according to the relevant documents of the State Council requirements, in strict accordance with the provisions of the organization of production in 276 working days, that is, in accordance with the announcement of the production capacity of more than 84% of the production of Shanxi. At the same time, to strengthen the province’s coal mine production safety law compliance, Shanxi also requires five provincial coal group belongs to the reorganization and integration of coal will be discontinued rectification construction; all without approval, the procedures are not complete to immediately stop the construction of coal mine.

in the first half, accounting for the rapid increase in the proportion of industrial non coal industry in Shanxi. Non coal industrial added value accounted for the proportion of the province’s industrial added value reached 57.7%, an increase of 6.1 percentage points. Non traditional pillar industries (in addition to coal, coke, metallurgy, electricity) to increase the proportion of 28.1%, an increase of 3.8 percentage points.

in the process of economic development, natural resources have played a huge advantage. But the natural resources as a non renewable resources, is a long way to go for its protection! At the same time, in order to protect our ecological environment, the protection of natural resources and the development of new energy is also incumbent responsibility.

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